Sprouts are well known for their nutritive benefits.They are sometimes referred to as wonder foods.

Sprouts are an inexpensive method of obtaining concentrates sources of vitamins,minerals and enzymes.It is also the safest way to get the maximum nutritional benefit devoid of contamination and harmful chemicals/pesticides.

Apart from nutritional aspect,sprouts have other benefits as well.On sprouting,the grains develop better digestibility and increased nutritive value.

They supply food in the predigested form,meaning,the food has already been worked upon by enzymes thereby making it easy to digest.Starches are converted into simple sugars,proteins are broken down to amino acids and amides and fats and oils are converted into simple fatty acids by the action of various enzymes.

While whole bean is considered to be gas producing and shunned by many,the sprouting process gets rid of this quality to a maximum level.

Consuming sprouts avoids constipation as it contains lots fiber and water.

Last week I made Moong sprouts at home after a long gap.Though I get loads of varieties at the farmers market and the fact that it is very inexpensive,I wanted to make them at home for a change.

Moong sprouts have a greater nutritional advantage over the dried green gram/whole moong.The water content of sprouted moong is higher than the dreid one and the ascorbic acid content increases by many folds.There is also an increase in protein and sodium content.The increase in amounts of vitamins and minerals along with the sodium content contributes to the easy digestibility of these sprouts.

Making sprouts at home is very easy.

  • Soak the moong bean overnight.
  • The next morning,drain the water and tie it in a muslin cloth[or any thin cloth] .Put in tnto an vessel and leave it in a dark corner.
  • The next day you can see the spouts emerging.Ideally the sprouts can be twice the length of the moong bean.Remove from the cloth and use as required.

Simple isn’t it!!!!!

Sending this simple entry to My legume love affair[MMLA]- 17th edition,hosted by Sra of ‘When my soup came alive’.MMLA is an event started by Susan of The well seasoned cook.

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