Okra or Ladies finger is very well known for its sliminess and many hate this veggie for this fact.Cooking it in the microwave is alot easier and the okra curry has no trace of sliminess.Just a few tricks to turn a slimy okra into a crispy and yum curry.You can increase or decrease the microwave timings to get a soft curry or a crispy one.This one here is not too crispy but you can feel a light crunch.Sending this to  Srivalli’s MEC , 365 days of MW cooking.

I used:

Okra – 1/4 kilo
Turmeric powder- a large pinch
Pepper powder- to taste
Salt to taste
Oil-2 teaspoons

  1. Wash the okra and wipe it well.Spread it ona kitchen towel for sometime so that there are no traces of moisture.
  2. Chop the okra into approximately the same sized pieces.
  3. In a microwave proof bowl put in the oil and the chopped okra,mix well, cover and cook for 5 minutes.
  4. Add the pepper powder,turmeric powder and salt.Stir to mix.
  5. Microwave uncovered for another 5 minutes or till it is soft.

If you want it more crispier, microwave for a few more minutes till u get the desired texture.

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Bon Appetit…

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