After returning home from our trip to India,I found the refrigerator housed 6 varieties of jam!!All of them were half finished.How they landed there-hubby had no clue.I was home after 6 months and these jars of jams had miraculously entered the fridge!!So after checking the use by date,I found they still had a long life to live.

Lil angel suddenly found that peanut butter was the best ‘side dish’ for bread and jam was a big NO.Not knowing what to do I let the jars of jam sleep until one day it struck me that I could make milkshake with them!!

I used:

Chilled milk-1 cup
Jam-1 tablespoon

Blend the jam and milk in a blender till frothy.Serve immediately.Yumm!!!!

Since the jam is very sweet I did not add sugar.Sometime there are tiny  lumps of  jam floating in the milk and it tastes so great!!

Milk flavored with blueberry jam…

Bon Appetit…

11 thoughts on “Blueberry Flavored Milk [with Jam]”

  1. Your flavored milk reminds me of Nilgiris in Chennai. I used to have one everyday when I was working 🙂 I am sure yours tasted great.. Very nice tip for using up jams. I have couple of them 😉

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