The four jars of pickles that traveled with me from India was gone within a month,thanks to hubby’s love for spicy things.Then his life  food seemed bland without them ,so I had to do something to pep it up.I remembered mom telling me about the pressure cooker method for making lemon pickle and each time I spoke to her I forgot to ask her.Then I thought I could find it on the net and got it Priya of Priyas Easy n Tasty recipes.I followed her recipe and within a couple of hours of making it ,quarter of the pickle jar has vanished!

Lemon Pickle -Pressure cooker method
Adapted  from Priya’s version

1.Dry roast 1 teaspoon mustard,1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds and a large pinch asafoetida powder.

2.Cool and powder.

3.Wash lemon,pat dry and cut into halves.

4.Pressure cook[without water] for 15 minutes.[The lemon that I used had a very thick skin so I had to pressure cook it for 15 minutes.If using the Indian type 10 minutes would be sufficient].When the pressure releases and the lemons are cool enough to handle,cut them into pieces.


5.Put the cut lemon pieces,salt,red chilli powder[I used-4 tablespoons for 4 large lemons,adjust to suit your taste] in a bowl.


6..Mix well with a dry spoon/ladle so that the salt and chilli powder coats the lemon pieces


7.Heat 1/2 a cup oil in a pan and add 1 teaspoon mustard seeds.Add the prepared lemon pieces and cook for 10 minutes / till the oil is absorbed and it oozes out again in medium flame


Cool completely and store in sterilized bottles.


Let it rest for a couple of days before using.Store in the refrigerator.


This pickle is being shipped to Nivedita who is hosting Complete my thali,an event started by Jagruti’s and Nive has chosen Pickles as the theme

Bon Appetit…

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