I don’t know how good I am in writing a post.But here are some points that my best buddy shared with me a couple of years ago and I would like to share it with you today.Many of you may know this already but just sharing it for the benefit of the others.

1. While naming the post do not use capital letters.Many of my earlier posts are still in caps.I used to think that its like a title so why not make it in caps [capital letters].Then I was told that the search engine looks for the normal way of typing.Also let the beginning letter of each word of the title be in capital letters.So instead of PAV BHAJI or pav bhaji it can be Pav Bhaji.

2.Let the title of the post be specific to the recipe.I wrote a post long back and named it Ouch!I am sure you do not know what it is.I love to use catchy terms for my title.But then I realized if anyone wanted  red chilli chutney , they could not find mine through a search engine.Then I changed it to – Red Chilli Chutney – Ouch! which looks better.Though we like catchy titles for the posts, let us also remember that the search engine looks for the specific details only.

The points that I am writing below will make the people who are already following you to stay in touch with your blog…

3.Once in a while write about a general topic,like something that caught your attention.We all write food blogs, yet it is nice to write something different.Share a small joke or something you read in the newspaper or magazine.This adds to the variety to the blog.

4.If ,like me, you shoot in low light ,use some photo editing software that are available on the net to be downloaded for free. I use photoscape and its free to download and use.There are plenty of free softwares that can be downloaded but please make sure they come from a reliable source.You can use any editor that is comfortable to work with.

5. More that one photo gives a better appeal to the post.But be sure to post at least one clear picture of your dish.

6.While writing a post break it into sentences and smaller paragraphs.Its easier for people to read and understand.Do not use too make ‘….’ in between the sentences. Let the points be crisp but clear.Also do not use abbreviations.’U’ instead of ‘you’ and similar abbreviations looks better in SMS than in posts.

7.We all tend to make mistakes while typing.There are so many things on our mind when we do a post that we tend to over look the errors.Type out on a word document. It will point out the spelling mistakes[so does doing it on a blogger] and also corrects the punctuation marks and spaces[which blogger does not] so that are posts are free of errors.[ I don’t know how many errors there are in this post of mine! ;)]

8.A clear layout and a nice back ground also counts for the look of the blog.

I hope this was useful. I am not a pro . Just felt these points will help improve traffic through search engines and the people who visit us often will be tempted to come back again.

If you have any other tips, please leave a note in the comments section and I will add it to the post with your name.

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