This space has been silent for quite sometime now. Wanted to post some recipe but found this in the draft – A restaurant review.

The GE mall near our home [in China] is a place we like to go. As in all the malls this one has so many shops and boutiques that one whole day is not enough even for window shopping.

The 7th floor in this mall has a number of theaters and a food court with multi cuisine restaurants.Tacos is one of the very few restaurants that have vegetarian options.

When I mean vegetarian, its just vegetarian pizza and some appetizers.But something is better than nothing , right!

Here are a few clicks from our recent trip to this restaurant on a weekend.

The restaurant
The interior
The menu card says ‘ Fusion cuisine’  – A fusion of Chinese and Mexican….

The menu card is a delight to go through as we have the picture of each and every dish on the menu. Its easy to chose and select. 
The other thing I liked is that the names of the dishes are in Chinese and English! Another reason why we frequent this place 🙂

The cold desserts section. Pretty pricy yet rich and delicious

The snack bar

Starters – Cold dish of bean curd strips and roasted peanuts – on the house

French fries

Garlic bread. This is my favorite. Really crunchy and very garlicky
Vegetable garden – The only choice of vegetarian meal in the menu.
Cheesy pizza with capsicum, onion, olives,mushroom and pineapple.

Potato wedges and potato balls with sour cream dip. The dip is really yum

Tiramisu cake – I really didn’t like this very much. Could not finish off even half of it. The dish looked yum but not the taste

Onion rings – Another of my favorite

Our meal almost over and we are ready to leave.

What I liked about this restaurant is the fact that they have the names in English for all the dishes on the menu card.The service is good quick and courteous. They are very happy to serve ‘ forginers’ like us and make us feel extra special with their service.

The thing that really bothers me is the lighting. The lights are really dim even though there are a large number of lights hanging from above.

The cost of some of the dishes are very high while some are nominal and there are a few vegetarian options as you have seen.

If you are one who loves non vege food then you will have a whole lot to choose from.But I am happy with the ones I get here….

6 thoughts on “Dinner @ Tacos”

  1. Dear padmaja
    How are you? Very nice posting and photos. Actually , before reading the opening para , I was going through the photos and was wondering " What did padmaja eat!!!". Then I read the opening paras , thank God it was " Some thing is better than nothing"…
    Let me see the photos again ..
    have a nice sunday

  2. Lovely review. I wasn't aware that you lived in China!! And yes, like Ushnishji I wondered what a vegetarian would eat. Glad they had the veggie option. Nice photographs.

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