Curry leaves are a part of our South Indian Cuisine. They a re used in most of the dishes in the seasoning and they lend a wonderful flavor to the dishes even when used in very small quantities!

Karuveppilai /Kadipatta/ Sweet Neem leaf or Curry leaves lend their distinctive flavor and aroma to the Indian dishes.It holds such a vital
place in the Indian kitchen that there is no substitute for this healthy herb.The leaf is used for seasoning,to prepare tasty chutney and the
powder is mixed with steamed rice.A drizzle of ghee over this and the aroma is sure to seduce you!

The medicinal value of these leaves are quite popular and here are some of them…

  • They arrest premature graying of hair.So the next time you find it on your plate be sure to pop it into your mouth.
  • It also prevents hair loss
  • When taken with buttermilk,it stimulates the digestive system.Make a paste of curry leaves and add buttermilk,salt and whip for a few seconds.It
    makes a delicious and cooling drink.
  • It helps control diarrhea and relives upset stomach.
  • It is also said to control diabetes.

Apart from the leaves the bark and the berries too have great medicinal properties.

Here are some recipes that use curry leaves as the main ingredient…

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