Today we are starting the 3rd week of Blogging Marathon and the theme I have selected this week is ‘Kids delight-Warm foods to beat the rain’.

While thinking of foods that actually warm us up during the rains, I can list of loads of deep fried stuffs, cups of tea and coffee,piping hot soups etc. A few weeks back summer abruptly ended and we were facing cold winds with a light drizzle throughout the day. During such times I prefer a hot cup of coffee with onion pakoras or bajjis. But when I asked Lil Angel what she wanted to warm up and her reply astonished me! She wanted a plate of piping hot sambar mini idli!!

Luckily I had idli batter at hand and prepared this delicious dish for her. Mom had recently got a mini idli stand for Lil Angel knowing her love for these cute idlis.

She enjoyed eating the mini idli and sipping the sambar!!![And that explains and spoon and fork here…]

You can use the mini idli stand for the pretty idlis.

If it is not available, then cut up the regular idli into 4 pieces and proceed…..

For sambar mini idli you need:

Idli Batter – 2 cups
Pearl onion sambar – 3 or more cups
Roasted cashews
Coriander leaves
Grated carrots

1.Grease the moulds of teh idli plates and pour in the batter.

2. Steam the idlis for 15 minutes or till done. A knife inserted in the center of the idli should come out clean.

3. Remove the idli stand and let it sit outside for a minute.

4.Gently remove the idlis with a spoon and transfer it onto a serving dish.

5.Pour a generous helping of piping hot sambar over the idlis.

6. Garnish with boondi, roasted cashews, coriander leaves

Serve hot…..


  • Any type of sambar can be used here
  • Make sure the sambar is piping hot. That makes a lot of difference in taste…
  • Instead of boondi,sev can also be use

Sending this to Pradnya who is hosting Kid’s delight –Warm foods to beat the rain , an event started by Srivalli

Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#18

Bon Appetit…

17 thoughts on “Sambar Mini Idli”

  1. awesome and one food which i can eat at any given point of the day. Idli dipped in chuteny and sambhar is out of this world. My son has already started saying that he needs idli and dosa 🙂 truly a life saver when kids are around

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