Today we start the second week of Blogging Marathon and the theme for this week is ‘Cooking with onion’. As soon as I saw this theme in the announcement for BM #20, my head was filled with more than a dozen recipes that had onion as the star.We have 3 days of recipes with onions and here is my first post and it is not a recipe!

When we lived in China, spring onions was something that I picked up first. I love that flavor it imparted to dishes,esp, the spring onion soup and of course,I used it as a garnish for most of my dishes. There is a shop at the farmer’s market where I used to buy the vegetables and at the beginning I used to buy a big bunch of spring onion on every visit.Later he knew that I was going to buy them ,so started putting the same big bunch into my bag along with the other vegetables,for free! No matter how much I insisted he never took money for that!So the fridge always had a stock of my favorite spring onion.

Then when I came back to India,  this was hard to find. I get to see it once in a while at the green grocer and even if its in the fridge it does not have that fresh look for long. And with the frequent and long duration of power cuts, it wilted fast.

Then one day, I was browsing through Wendy’s blog and there she had a tutorial for storing spring onions and soon as I found a bunch of these, I knew I had to freeze them.A very simple way to keep the spring onions looking fresh!!!!

1.Wash and pat dry the spring onions. Trim the edges.

2. Take a freezer proof container and measure out the length of the spring onion on the lid.Cut it to that lenght ,i.e. a little shorter than the lid of the container you are going to store it in.

3.Place the cut spring onions in the box[.I used an ice cream container]

4.Store the remaining parts of the spring onion in another box.

If there are any bits and pieces left, chop them up and store

Stack up these boxes in the freezer and use when needed 🙂

Mine was fresh till the last bit of it got over,which was approximately,40  days,and that too midst all the power cut!!!
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Bon Appetit…

20 thoughts on “How To Freeze / Store Spring Onions”

  1. Sowmya, The frozen spring onions did not clump together. I just took out what was needed and let it thaw a bit before using.

    Priya,yes it is not crisp as the fresh ones but i did not find any change in taste.The consolation is that I can use this whenever I need instead of waiting for it to appear at the market:)

  2. This is a very useful post Padmajha, most of the time I have to throw away some of the spring onions, couldn't finish it up, next time I am going to do this..

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