I have been reviewing fictions for some time now and keeping up
with that here is another work of fiction, a thriller from Mukul Deva.
Mukul Deva is one of the leading writers of Military thrillers in
India and is famous for his Lashkar series.
The author is an alumnus of the La Martiniere College, Lucknow,
the National Defence Academy, Pune and the Indian Military
Academy, Dehradun, abd was commissioned into the Sikh Light Infantry of the
Indian Army in 1981.
A group of ex- para troopers get down to the job of eliminating
the corrupt politicians and call themselves the K- Team. A CBI officer,a rouge
ex-para trooper, a charming news anchor, 2 kids are all caught in the story
The story starts with the K-team led by Colonel Krishna
Athewale  in preparation to eliminate a politician.
Things are planned and the execution is carried out like clockwork.The articles
used for the execution are discarded discreetly.Exterminations take place in
Patna, Chennai and Pune .
The target person are high profile politicians who have been very
corrupt and even sold the country.This shows the K- Teams determination to
punish those corrupt politicians who have escaped from law and are still ruling
the country and also serves as a warning to the others who are still following
the corrupt means to govern the nation and make them repent for their actions.
The members of the K-Team,[apatly named so as their names all start
with K], Krishna, Karan, Kashif, Kulwant carry out these operations in the name
of RIP – Resurgent Indian Patriots. They send out warnings just before the
killings but no one is able to stop them.
The politicians who know that they will be targeted soon , join
together to catch and eliminate  RIP
before the CBI does so that they are spared. But the K- Team is always a step
ahead. Finally the K-team achieves what they intended to carryout – a corruption
free country and the corrupt politicians taken off their seats…..
What I like about this book is the way Mukul Deva has written the
Author’s Note . To quote his words…

This book has been born out of an extreme sense of anger and
shame.Anger at the appalling, naked greed so shamelessly displayed by the
Indian political class.And shame that they happen to be fellow Indians.
Just reading these lines made me understand and feel his frustration!
The narration is simple and very easy to follow.
The pace of the story or rather the plot does not slacken anywhere
. It gives you an ‘edge-of-the-seat’ experience all through. Towards the end I
almost thought Krishna would be caught red handed in his operation but the I
was surprised and relieved to find that my assessment was wrong.
The story is not all along just a thriller. There are places where
emotions and tears flow freely. The memories of Krishna losing his wife, the TV
anchor Reena finding her husband with another woman etc..
The author has mentioned that this book is a work of fiction yet I
could not help but notice that some of the characters and incidents are drawn
from real life.The 2G scam, fodder scam, Bofors, Anna Hazzare movement etc. can
be connected to the real world even though the names have been changed…
To conclude,I am a great fan of thrillers and cannot put down a
book until I get to the last page if the story is a very interesting one. This
book did not fail to impress me right from the start. 
A very good thriller with
lots of plots and a hint of romance and play of emotions that you cannot put
down till you have read it to the end. 
Until I reviewed this book, I was not aware of this author or the host of books he has written.This book prompts me to read his other works too.
I will gladly rate this 4/5…
At a glance

Book – R I P

Author – Mukul Deva

Publisher – Westland Ltd.

No. of Pages – 286

Price – INR 200

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