I ran like crazy. Lil Dude on my hips,clung on to my shoulders with a thrilled look on his face. Perhaps he was happy that mom was running or that she was flying, or what ever. A glance at him told me he was really excited. But I could not enjoy that look for more than a couple of seconds.

Luggage in hand,handbag slipping off the other shoulder and the happy gurgles from lil dude made people take a second look at me!

I rushed to the counter. A serious looking guy, lifted his head slowly from his work on the computer. I thought I have committed a crime,such was the look on his face.

‘You are late,mam’, he said in a low voice.
‘Uh.. The traffic,you see, lanes are so crowded….’I replied. Only half of it was true.
‘But you are late, mam’, he stressed
‘What do you want me to do now?’, I asked angrily. I knew I was late and there was no need to stress that point.
‘Ok,you can proceed’, he finally said after a couple of minutes.
Again I ran and stopped only after I saw people leisurely sitting in the waiting area.
I plonked on a seat and closed my eyes, smiling for the first time since morning

There was a reason to be happy. Actually I would have done a ‘happy dance’ if no one was around.I was making a trip that is one of its kind.

It all started because Srivalli started a monthly event called Blogging Marathon in 2010.I was a part of it right from the start and I like to brag that I have never missed a single edition. Through all the happiness and sickness and the birth of lil dude I ran this marathon with my friends.The event which started out as a group of food bloggers, slowly turned into friends and then we became a family,shared every thing among ourselves- The loss of dear ones, birth of kids, helping each other through blog crisis and so on..The differences in age , back ground, culture, nothing seemed to be a barrier.

I was so touched when these girls threw me a surprise baby shower. I was over whelmed and speechless because we have never met in person. I have spoken to a few of them through phone but never actually met them.

Then there came the 25th edition.Time for celebration and one of the member, Pradnya I think, suggested that we all meet up. Plans were made and tickets were booked. Though I wanted to be a part of it,I had to change the plans. Then finally somehow managed to fit and but I chose to make it at the last moment.The tickets cost me a fortune, well almost! But that did not dampen my happiness or my excitement.

Several persuasive phone calls asking me to join in for the meet, tons of e-mails were exchanged before this trip began.

Flying alone for the first time with lil dude was something I was really worried about. Trips with Lil Angel as a baby was hassle free and I have made several trip with her to Shanghai all alone. But with him I was worried.

I was late in packing up for the trip and that’s the reason for the delay to get to the airport coupled with the crazy evening traffic.

I finally settled in my seat and lil dude suddenly turned into an angel. He enjoyed the trip but really did not like the seat belt!Landing in Ahmadabad at midnight , Srivalli and Rajani were sweet enough to pick us up from the airport.

Though I have spoken to Srivalli several times, It was great to see the face behind this lovely event!

I have never spoken to Rajani but been in contact through the blog but the moment we met, we started chatting like old friends. In fact we were chatting throughout the trip between the airport and the hotel where we were going to stay.

They made sure I was up to date with what went on that day and when I heard all that I knew I had missed all the fun they had had. On the other hand I was glad that I was able to make it at least for 2 days.

Talking about the hotel, dear Vaishali who owns and manages ‘The Nest’, accommodated us in her hotel. She was the one who suggested that we meet up at Ahmadabad so that it will be change for all of us and also be a great place to meet up.

She had taken care of each and every thing and also looked into every ones need how ever small or silly they were. Her only aim was to make us feel at home. Thanks a lot Vaishali, I shall never forget your gesture.

Ok, so we reached the hotel and the two of them showed me my room. Most of the others had already slept  since they had a busy day .

Hearing us arrive,Nandhini walked in and once again, we were like old friends meeting after a long gap.After chatting for some more time and noticing that it was almost 1 am and we had to start out early the next day, we reluctantly departed company.

I noticed Vaishali had kept a welcome basket of fruits and snacks and I immediately gobbled off the chocolates as soon as I clicked this….

I was too excited to sleep but had to and I wanted to be fresh and not sleepy eyed when I met the rest of the team.We had a tight yet exciting schedule lined up for day 2 and I was so eager to get going…..

The meet was for 3 days and I had just missed the lovely event of Day 1.Check out what they did in Srivalli’s Blogging marathon 25th edition celebration post- Day 1.

Take a look at the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#25

Bon Appetit…

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  1. you had me laughing so hard describing your dash to the counter and the man's responses …all of you guys are amazing me with your writing – you are all transporting me there with you

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