I am not a Mango person.The reaction I see on the faces of people when they hear this is quite amusing for me.Some look at me like I am committing the most serious of crimes,others look at me with a sad expression on their face that says, ‘Poor you, you are missing something wonderful’. And then there are others who go on to explain the benefits of having Mango and that I must be knowing all this as I am a Dietitian and yet I don’t eat this fruit!

Summers for me has a special place for me.It meant vacation at my Grandparent’s place, a small and quite little town, lazying around, delicious dishes that my grandma loving fed me. I loved to spend my vacation there but the one thing that I dreaded was the Mango!

One of Grandpa’s friend used to bring in a huge crate of luscious golden yellow Mangoes straight from his farm every summer.  Grandpa is very stern when it comes to food and eating and used to insist that I eat at least one mango a day. I used to plead to excuse me but he would make sure I ate at least half a fruit.Sometimes,my cousin used to join me there for the vacation and she would happily gobble up my share too when Grandpa was not looking!

Seriously I have nothing against the King of fruits but I am not a fan of it either. You will be surprised if I told you I love mango in the raw form. But that is for another post…

Lil Angel on the other hand loves mangoes. So I get them each summer and I have been preparing juices and milkshakes with them. As a variation and for a recipe for the blog, I prepared this simple Lassi with Mangoes for the 28th edition of blogging Marathon, this week with the theme – Mango Special.

As long I was in India, I never noticed this in any restaurant menu. But on the very rare occasions that we dined in one of the Indian restaurants while in China, this one seemed to be on every menu and they were pretty expensive too. I wondered why they were so expensive when the method of preparation is so simple. One of the chefs there told me that the mangoes came from India and the shipping cost was pretty high!!!

Now in India, my folks enjoyed this at home last week and I had just this much to get this click 🙂

You need:

Mango pulp – 2 cup [ I got it from 4 medium sized mangoes]
Chilled Fresh yogurt – 1 1/2 cup
Sugar if needed
Cardamom powder- a pinch

Blend all the ingredients in a blender till smooth and serve chilled.

Note :

  • This is the simplest form of Mango lassi. To make it more richer, add few tablespoons of cream and a little saffron soaked in  milk to the mixture while blending.
  • You can also garnish this with nuts of your choice. I just topped it with a teaspoon of mango pulp.
  • If the lassi is very thick add more yogurt to dilute to get the desired consistency.
  • Adding cardamom powder is optional.
  • You can also use honey to sweeten.

Take a look at the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#28

Sending this to Pari’s Only event, this month with the theme – Only Chilled and Frozen desserts….

Bon Appetit…

16 thoughts on “Mango Lassi”

  1. hahah…it is indeed strange to know you don't like..but then each to her taste…:)..I love mango lassi..and make sure to make it every year!..nice and tempting glass..

  2. My Mom too doesn't like mangoes!!! she ate so much in her childhood from her own farms, she hates the mangoes these days which are ripened artificially!!! 🙂
    Lassi looks super yum!!!

  3. I loved this post. First of all, I started laughing at the first paragraph because I would have been one of those people staring at you in amazement as I LOVE mangoes. Secondly, just as an FYI, mango lassi is very popular here and on the menu of every Indian restaurant but is not expensive. Whenever we went to eat out Indian even as a child, it was the first thing I would ask for even before we got the menus.

  4. I love mangoes, but have never tried mango lassi! This certainly looks tasty & I want some!! Hahaha! Sorry for not coming by these days, but it's good to be back blog-hopping after a month's absence! I'll be seeing u more from now!

  5. Don't like mangoes!!!!!hmmm.. very interesting — that would be my reaction. I like mangoes and I make sure I enjoy them while in season.
    Lassi looks yumm!! My son loves it too.

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