Nothing excites me like challenges, especially in the blogging world. I love to pour over materials related to a recipe / ingredient when there is a challenge to do something different and nice. When I go back and read the recap of the A- Z theme Blogging Marathon, I am really amazed at amount of work I had put in and it really did not seem like a big deal then!

When comments started pouring in and I was appreciated for posting some really rare dishes, I knew what the term ‘challenge’ can really do to me!!

Talking of challenges, Srivalli has started another Challenging event!The theme this time is Cooking from a Cookbook Challenge or simply – CCC. The idea is to cook from the whole range of cook books, paper clipping or written materials that we have accumulated over the years.We have to post one recipe from any of the above mentioned sources.We can surely add our twists and turns to the dish…..

Like any other blogger or a housewife for that matter, I have so many cook books that I have collected and won over the years.And there are so many note books in which I have written down recipes that I wanted to try out. I religiously collected and pasted paper clipping of recipes that were published in the news papers in one of the long sized notebooks that has now turned yellow!. But sadly, as much as I love to buy and read those books or write down recipes, I hardly cook from any of those. Now seems the right time to do just that….

So, when a challenge is thrown, it is only fair to try and accomplish the mission , right! Here is the first dish for the CCC for this week – Australian Jelly!

When we went to Ahmedabad for the Blogging Marathon’s #25th edition celebration, Vaishali gifted us with a huge bag of goodies. Apart from a beautifully handcrafted scrap book, a whole box of homemade chocolates and pickles , spice mixes,etc, there was a lovely cookbook titled – Baking without eggs!

The book not only has eggless bakes but also a whole load of puddings, fruit juices/ milkshakes, preserves, savories and desserts from all over the world.As a celebration to starting a new challenge, I wanted the first post in this event to be a dessert and this one is from Australia.

This dessert is like the Indian Sago kheer, except that it is red in color and has a hint of lemon….

I used:

Sago- 1/2 cup
Water- 1 cup
Milk-2 cups
Red food color – a drop
Sugar to taste
Lemon zest – a pinch

1.Soak the sago in water for an hour.

2.After an hour drain that water and add to the pan with 1 cup of water and let it cook till the sago pearls are translucent.

3.Add the milk and simmer till it thickens a bit.Keep stirring so that it does not stick to the pan.

4.Add sugar to taste and stir well.

5.Add a drop of food color.

5.Put in the lemon zest.Mix and switch off the heat..

Remove from heat and serve garnished with candied fruits / tutti frutti….

Note :

  • Add more water or milk to cook the sago. Each variety of sago takes up more / less water to get cooked.
  • Sometimes, I pressure cook sago for 1 whistle in a pressure cooker if I want to get it done faster!
  • The original recipe uses lemon essence .Since I did not have it, I used lemon zest.

This post is for the Cookbook Challenge of the month

And since Lil Dude loved to have this dessert, I am packing this off to Srivalli’s  Kid’s delight Party….

Bon Appetit…

16 thoughts on “Australian Jelly for CCC”

  1. I love that book PJ. I think more than any other book that I have, I must have browsed and read this more than anything else..very lovely dish for the first post!

  2. I love this dish awesome book too will def browse for it right away. I love to learn eggless baking for sure thanks for sharing this lovely recipe.

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