For quite sometime now, I have been avoiding preparing recipes that use khoya / mawa. One thing is that it is a tedious and time consuming process and I do not have the time and the patience to stand in front of the stove to make it at home.Also I am not very fond of using the store brought stuffs.

So finally after going through a few recipes online, I tried this version which seemed to be perfect!!!And there is also another method that I have book marked to try. Will post that later…

For now, here is how to make the version #1 of homemade instant khoya.All you need is 3 ingredients and hardly 5 minutes of your time!!!!

I used:

Milk powder- 1 cup
Milk-2 tablespoons
Ghee- a few drops

Take the milk powder in a bowl. Heat the milk and ghee till it just starts to boil. Pour little by little into the milk powder and mix well till you get a thick pasty consistency. Shape as required and store / use immediately.

Instant Mawa is now ready….


  • Add the warm milk little by little. You may not need it all.But if you add it and yet the mixture seems very dry, add a few more drops of milk.
  • If the mixture looks very pasty , add a little more milk powder.
  • I used Everyday Dairy whitener brand.
  • The mawa will harden a bit after a few minutes. You can grate it and use.
  • If not using immediately store in the refrigerator . Use within a day or two.


I have a recipe that uses this mawa coming up. Stay tuned…

 Bon Appetit….

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