Since childhood, I have always loved the rain and to make paper boats and see them sail is still a favorite activity of mine.Though now I don’t do this any more, my kiddo loves it. The moment I mentioned ‘Paper boat’ my lil one will be ready with a piece of paper and will stand next to a bucket of water!

This is exactly what happened when I told her that I got a mail from Paper boat!She thought I was going to get loads of paper boats to set sail! But when she saw the pack a few days back, she was even more happier!

The kids love to have juices at any time of the day and would happily skip a meal if they are allowed to have their fill of juices.

So I was more than happy to do this review….

Before the drinks were sent down, I took a look at the Paper Boat site and I don’t remember how long I sat there browsing through the various pages…

I loved these cute stuffs that were written so poetically…

And another one….

Check out this page for similar stuffs…

I was so impressed by their site that I read everything they had to say…

I will tell you something that I read from there…

The founding fathers of this brand is Neeraj Kakkar,James Nutall, Suhas Misra and Neeraj Biyani – The fantastic four!It’s nice to read why they chose to name it – Paper Boat

The idea to create this brand was drawn from the memories of buying drinks at the carts in the village fair and while enjoying the taste, sometimes it lead to gastronomical disasters later.

These drinks were born drawing inspiration from the tastes and experiences from childhood , bringing back those beautiful memories and avoiding all the unpleasant tummy problems….

Now to the review…..

The parcel arrived and the drinks ,7 in number, were packed inside a beautiful and brightly colored bag!

All their drinks carry this line – No colors, No preservative,No artificial flavors,Basically, none of that junk…

Each and every flavor has a few lines about the drinks and the memories it brings back. Its nice to read them….

Paper boat drinks are ready to serve fruit beverage and I got to taste 7 flavors that you see below…

Aam Panna – It has the perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavor of raw mango and a hint of spices.

Aam Ras – Lil Angel was so delighted to see her favorite [one and only] Mango juice. She loved it so much and said it was similar to the one I make at home – Thick and yum!

Golgappe ka Pani – I used to make loads of this while making Golgappe and my nephew used to drink gallons of this pani! Now my kids enjoyed this drink the same way and I got just a bit to taste!!! So that vouches for the flavor…

Imli ka Amana – Tangy and refreshing.The Cinnamon flavor was a little put off for me as I am not a huge fan of this spice.But others may like it 🙂

Jaleera – This was the first pack that I opened and I was hit with a pleasant aroma of cumin! It tasted so good and I drank it my style- topped with chopped coriander leaves….

Jamun Kaala Katta – The moment I tasted this I was taken back to the huge jamun tree that stood behind my grandparents house. I remember eating a few and could feel that taste while sipping this drink…What a pretty color!!!!

Kokum – Until a few months back, I was not in favor of this flavor. I have added kokum to my dishes while cooking but as a juice I never relished it much.But things changed and I made a concoction that I liked. This one had a similar pleasant experience on my taste buds.

Manufactured by :Hector Beverages Pvt. Ltd, Haryana

Price:250 ml pack costs INR 30.

Serving Suggestions : Serve chilled

What I liked :

  • Tasty and refreshing
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors.But some drinks have added flavor which they say is natural flavoring substances [as mentioned on the pack.]
  • Easy to carry/ pack up.
  • The spices that have been added do not overwhelm the original flavor of the beverage and that is a big ‘thumbs up’


Take a look at their website – Paper Boat
Face book

I will be picking these up off the shelves to carry along travels and even pack them to school along with Lil Angel’s lunch.Will also be great to include in kiddy parties as this is easy to drink and there is no need to go looking for straws..

And before I sign off, here is Lil Angel ready with ‘her bag’ to take with her for the summer classes .And along with her other stuffs Paper boats Aam Ras is a must she says!

Thanks to the Paper boat team for sending me the samples.

All the views in this post are mine 🙂

Bon Appetit…

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