The much anticipated ‘Mega Marathon‘ started on April 1st 2014..Any regular follower of my blog will know that we ,a group of bloggers’ get together each week and blog on a thematic basis, taking up challenging ones to make it all the more interesting. This event is spear headed by dear Srivalli of Cooking 4 all seasons & Spicing Your Life.

In the past years, we have done Mega Marathons, in addition to the regular 3 days a week mini marathons. This time we did a ‘Regional’ theme for the mega marathon where 29 bloggers got together and cooked and posted a dish(es) from 30 Indian States.

We have been thinking over this theme, pouring in our ideas and preparing for this like our life depended on it! It was great fun exploring and experimenting with each regional cuisine.

While researching for recipes and writing the posts for each state, I learnt so much about each state , culture and cuisine. It once again amazed me to think what a diverse land our country is!

Here is the recap of the dishes that I made for this series….

1. Andra PradeshHyderabadi Vegetable Dum Briyani and Double Ka Meeta

2. Arunachal PradeshThukpa and Momos

3. Assam – Massor Dal Boror Bilahi Tenga and Alu Pitika

4. Bihar –Makane ki Sabji

5. Chhattisgarh Batkar Khadi

Batkar Kadhi served with Steamed rice, Ghee and Crispies

6. Delhi –Bedmi Poori ,aloo Sabji

7.Goa – Chana Cho Ras

8. Gujarat – Methi Muthia

9. Haryana – Bajre ki Kichdi and Besan Pinni

10. Himachal Pradesh –Pahari Aloo Palada 

11.Jammu and Kashmir – Dal Panchmel and Mujj Chatin

12. Jharkhand – Besan ki Sabji and Sattu ka Namkeen Sherbet

13.Karnataka – Namma Manay Oota – A full day meal from Karnataka 

14 .Kerala – A Simple Breakfast platter

15.Madhya Pradesh – Idori Puri Palak ki and Aloo Matter Subji

16.Maharashtra – Kothamir Wadi and Futi Khadi

17. Manipur – Chak Angaoba and Alu Kangmet


18.Meghalaya – Corn rice and Panch Poran Tharkaari

19. Mizoram – Bai

20.Nagaland – Rusep  | Cooked Vegetable Chutney

21.Orissa- Priba Kechuri and Dahi Bainga

22. Pondicherry – Urulaikizhangu Podalangai Turuttu Curry & Beans Fugath 

23.Punjab – Achari Channa Pulao and Jeera Aloo


24 . Rajastan- A mini Thali [Bhikaniri Pappad paratha, Mooli ki Bhunji,Masale Masoor Dhal]


25. Sikkim – Phulaurah – Buckwheat fritters

26.Tamil Nadu – A full day’s menu which has Neeragaram – A rustic breakfast
Avaray Gaasu Uthaka – a stew of lentils and potatoes from the Badaga cuisine for Lunch
Ragi pakoda and Kachayam Finger millet fritters and a sweet fritter from Kongunad cuisine for Tea time
Kothu Idiyappam – Minced rice noodles from Nadar Cuisine for dinner.

27 – Mosdeng Serma – Tripuri Chutney

28- Gahat Chapathi and Aloo Tamatar ka Jhol – Utharanchal

29 – Salone – Uttar Pradesh

30 – Rosh Bora and Gol Piyaji

I had a great time taking up this month long culinary journey.Hope you enjoyed it too…

Bon Appetit…

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