I almost forgot to post this! A few month back The Hindu ran an article titled – Blog by blog and I had posted about it in my blog. On seeing this article the local Community Radio called us up[the four bloggers who were featured in the article] for an interview.

We reached the radio station not knowing what the theme was or what questions we will be asked!Then the lady who was to interview us made us feel comfortable right from the moment we met her and  we were interviewed individually and then we did a discussion that would be broad casted on Women’s day.

Since all of us were bloggers and the talk would get monotonous, she said that it would be nice if I spoke something on health and nutrition, food trends etc since I am into that field. I happily accepted and it went on well without any hitch…

Here are the links to both the talks on the Radio.

March 18th 2014 – Wholesome foods
March 7th – 2014 – Women’s Day- Penmaiyai Potruvom

The first link is the one about nutrition, diet, food habits etc. and the second link is titled – ‘Celebrating Womanhood’ – a talk on the role and position on woman in today’s society.

Both these are in Tamil language and hope you will take a few minutes to listen to them..

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