Last month a group of bloggers decided to do a ABC themed International Blogging Marathon.  It was a delicious journey and I enjoyed doing it.Right from selecting the countries, the themes, looking for recipes, preparing and posting them, each step is so memorable .

I did a running roundup of the event and updated it each day and here is how I started the day one post….


The Mega Marathon is back!We are here to blog everyday on the dishes of various countries in an alphabetical manner!

The  whole of this month, you will be joining us on a journey through the various cuisines around the world. I am pretty excited to share all that I learnt and cooked for this mega marathon.

There has been a lot of discussions amongst our group members and all of us are so eager to find out which country and which dish has been picked by each one of us!Yes, though we discussed a lot,none of us shared any details!!!! 

Last time for the Indian Food Odyssey, I did random recipes. It was really hard looking up for doable recipes especially form the North Eastern states of India. I remember how much we struggled to get out posts done on time.

This time round, I wanted to do a theme.So I selected- Soups and Salads from across the Globe.

The reasons why I chose to do a theme is…

  • I wanted to have a focus! Yes! When I was looking for recipes that I could showcase for this event, I had so many bookmarked that I was not sure which one to select and I ended up being super confused very soon. So decided on a simple theme that I could focus on and look for recipes.
  • And to make the focus even more pin pointed, I chose lentil based soups and potato based salads! No, please don’t think I am going to showcase the same type of soup and salads everyday. That would be too boring for me to eat and equally boring for you to read! So in between you will also find a non lentil soup and non-potato salad! A small hint- Since I love yogurt, you will be seeing this ingredient to in the form of soup / salad!So keep looking out for them..
  • By the time we were talking about this marathon, our group was also talking about making some dietary changes. So with a theme of soups and salads, I achieved two things – One, get the dishes ready for Blogging Marathon and also get a healthy meal!
  • And then it would not be fair if I don’t mention that I have some stew instead of soups and some veggie stir fries instead of salad. For some countries, I have prepared a vegetable stir fry as I could not find any salad recipe that I could make. The reason-Either it had eggs or other meats or the ingredients were not locally available / they were too pricey.
  • Last but not the least..I learnt a lot about the various cuisines and
    that there are many similarities and differences even though the soups
    and salads have the same base!
All I can say is that this is going to be a real treat for your taste buds….
And unlike the Indian Food Odyssey , I am not going to rave about the stuff that is on Wiki, but am going to share with you some fun / interesting facts/ trivia about the countries that we are going to visit.So the posts are going to be a bit more appealing!

Shall we start our journey?

1.Afganistan –Aush– Noodle bean soup and Afgani Botrani – Potato salad.

2.Bulgaria – Bob Chorba – Bean Soup and Shopska Salad-Vegetable Salad


3. Czech Republic – CesneckaGarlic soup and Jablko Mrkvovy Salat – Apple Carrot Salad

4. Dominican RepublicHabichuelas Rojas Guisadas – Stewed Red Bean, Potato in yogurt dressing served with Arroz Blanco – White Rice

5.Ethiopia – D’ba Zingi | Spicy Pumpkin Soup and Timitam Salata |Tomato Salad

6.France Basic French Toast , Chocolate french toast and Savory French Toast.

7. Guyana – Guyanese Kichri and Aloo / Potato Balls

8. Hungary –Hungarian Mushroom Soup

9.Indonesia –Sayur Bening Bayam | Indonesian Spinach, Carrot, and Tomato Soup and Indonesian Style Green Beans


10.Jordan – Shorbat Adas and Farmer’s salad

11. Korea – Spicy Lentil Soup and Spicy cucumber salad

 12 . Lebanon – Chickpea soup and Cucumber Yogurt Salad.

13. Malaysia – Malaysian Vegetable Curry and Curry Rice 

14.Nepal – Rahar Ko Dal,Nepali Roti, Aloo Ko Achar 

15. Oman – Omani Vegetable Shurbah and Cauliflower, beans and rice salad

16. Pakistan – Sindhi Sai Bhaji with Bhuga Chawara

17.Qatar – Mint Tea

18.Russia – Classic Russian Brosch and Russian Salad Sandwich

19. Srilanka – A Sri Lankan Breakfast – Idiyappam , Ala Hodhi and Seeni Sambol

20.Turkey- Turkish Lentil Soup and Turkish style Pasta Salad

21.Ukraine – Cabbage soup and Potatoes flavored with Caraway and garlic

22.Vietnam – Red Rice and Sweet and Sour Tofu Curry

23.Wuxi – China – Xiao Mi Zhou / Millet porridge and Chinese Green Tea

24. Xinjiapo – Singapore Sago Dessert with Gula Melaka

25.Yemen – Lentil Soup and Khobz al Tawa

26 .Zambia – Golabjamoun | Sweet Potato Dessert

Bon Appetit…

10 thoughts on “Around The World In 30 Days – A Culinary Journey Across The Globe! -A Recap”

  1. Mouthwatering pictures and enjoyed all your soups and salads. Bookmarked a few soups, specially the thin light soups with lot of veggies. Will try some this winter.

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