Day 3 dawned bright and clear and as soon as we were up Gayathri started the process of making Pav Buns. Soon we stood by her side cameras in hand ready to capture every step.She patieintly explained the process and answered every question we had.

Then a few of us left to the studio that Kamalika had booked for us. I was not sure what to expect but I knew it would be a great experience!I stayed back with a few others and we had dosa for breakfast along with Padma’s yummy tomato pickle.

Later the rest of us piled into a car and off we went all the way across the city to catch up with the rest of the folks. Half way through the ride we realised that I should have got my bags so that it would have been easier to get to the airport from where we were heading! So dropping off the others, Lil Dude and me went home again to pick up the luggage. Arriving an hour later,I knew I would missed a great deal…

When I landed there, it looked and smelled like heaven. As I was climbing up the stairs, the air was filled with such a lovely aroma that I knew something delicious was cooking up there!

This was the sight that greeted me…Foodology is a recreational cooking studio in Adayar, Chennai. 

When I went to inside, everyone seemed to be busy with one thing or the other. Soon I began to look around and fell in love with the place. A huge thanks to Kamalika for arranging this place to meet up and cook…

It was like being in heaven – literally!

Vaishali was making the famous Chandni chowk choor-choor paratha and shahi paneer. Archana made alsande tonak for gayathri’s Pav. Gayathri, Nandini, Pradnya were busy sculpting and frosting the cake.I saw Pradnya had taught the gang to make spun sugar.Kamalika had prepared 3 tasty and innovative desserts. Now I knew how much I had missed!!! But the girls made up for it by clicking and sharing the pics.

Our lunch…

After a quick lunch, Pradnya left .Gayathri taught us some piping techniques and it was really nice to learn from a pro.

This one was crafted by the master bakers and cake decorators in our group…Presenting to you the topsy turvy cake….

It was time to cut the celebration cake….

Then it was time to leave…Amidst loads of hugs and tears, I picked up my bags and started off to the airport.

Lil Angel was so excited to see us back. She was eager to see what was inside the bags as I had already told her that I was bringing back lots of goodies for her. Hubby and MIL were surprised to see me return with an extra bag!

The next morning, I unpacked the bags and everyone at home were at loss for words! They wondered how anyone could come back home with so many gifts!!!

Now we are all eagerly looking forward to BM #75 meet and wish more members would join us so things would be much more exciting….

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