It is always nice to get food related gifts from friends.Last month when we met for the Blogging Marathon #50th edition celebration that’s exactly what happened. Tons of props and food related gifts!

My dear friend Priya of I Camp in My Kitchen could not attend the meet but she so kind to send us some goodies from her place. And so came a pack of Zaatar, peanut butter chips and Chia seeds! Thanks so much Priya!

I don’t get Chia seeds here and like the rest of BMer’s , I too was looking for Chia seeds so that I can try out a few recipes with it.Now the time has come and I have started using it in various dishes which I will be sharing here soon.

First I thought it will be better to get to know more about this seed.Here are some details that I found on the net….

Chia seed which
is considered to be a ‘super food’ comes from the Chia plant, a flowering species of the mint family native to South America.Of late
this has become very famous with more and more people are adding it to their diets but it actually dates back to the Mayan and Aztec era!

The seeds are black,white, brown in color and it goes by the scientific name- Salvia hispanica.

These seeds are said to possess several health benefits and of high nutritional value.Some of them are as follows…

  • It is packed with omega 3 fatty acid which is important for the brain health.
  • Good source of fiber
  • Improves heart health
  • Good source of protein , phosphorus and Manganese, Calcium
  • It is loaded with anti oxidants.
  • Chia seeds are said to lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes.
  • Brings about satiety/ feeling of fullness
  • It is a gluten free grain

 It soaks up a lot of water so helps the body be hydrated for longer periods.
The soaked and sprouted seeds are considered a better way to take them in as the nutrients readily/ easily available to the body.

How and where to use Chia seeds?

  • Can be used as an egg replacer – 1 tablespoon ground Chia seeds mixed with 3 tablespoons of water in the place of 1 egg. I have not used
    it but have read about this in a lot of recipes. Planning to try it out soon.
  • Used in / added to anything from porridge,puddings to milkshakes and smoothies
  • It can be sprinkled over your regular dishes
  • The seeds can be sprouted and added to salads
  • Can be used as a thickening agent in gravies- both whole / powdered.
  • Ground chia seeds can be used in gluten free baking etc…

Some sites say that over doses of this super food can be dangerous with some research suggesting that it can even become addictive! Also the toxicity is not proved during pregnancy and lactation periods.I read that 2 tablespoons for a healthy adult and 1 tablespoon for kids are ideal with
blood pressure patients steering clear of it as some studies have shown that chia seeds lowers the BP drastically!!!


This is not a medical advice. If you have health problems consult your medical practitioner before you add this to your diet.

Recipes with this super food…

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  1. Vaishnavi, as far as I read, the articles say that the studies were not conducted in pregnant / lactating women. So during that period, it is better to seek the advice of the medical practitioner/ gynecologist before including this in the diet.

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