This book is one from my recent purchase online and this is the second post for Foodies Read 2015 Challenge .

This book is authored by Pushpesh Pant.Number of paged- 97

The book is divided into the following chapters…

  1. Buddhist- Repast – It starts with the lines- The ‘realm of Buddhist food’ encompasses more than half of humanity. It goes on to say how food affects mood and the three basic principles of Ayurveda -vata, pita and kapha are the basic principles in Tibetan medicine too!Modern research too has proved that vegetarian diet greatly reduces life threatening metabolic disorders.So even non Buddhist can follow this diet style to lead a healthy life….
  2. Special Ingredients Used – The names and a small detail of the special ingredients that we come across in this book are mentioned.
  3. Light Foods – Satvik foods that are light ,pure and easy to digest and its importance is given here
  4. Dark Foods -The characteristics of dark foods and their effect on the mind and body are explained.
  5. Soups and Salads – 9 recipes
  6. Snacks and Starters – 6 recipes
  7. Main Course – 11 recipes
  8. Noodles and Rice -7 recipes
  9. Desserts- 4 recipes
  10. Index

There are colorful photos for almost all the recipes and they surely make you want to grab them off the book for a bite!

The other thing I liked about this book is how the author has named each dish. For example – Beautiful bitters is the name for Tofu Stuffed Bitter gourd,Pravratti- Nivritti is the name for Singapore noodles and he explains why chose to name it so, etc.

There is a couple of lines introducing each category and also each recipe.

At the end of most of the recipes there is a small foot note with a pic.Eg. There is a picture of a bell and it says Cosmic Sound and explains how and why it is used in prayers. Notes like these are really interesting to read.

I am really happy that I bought this book. Though it is only 97 pages, it is  worth the amount I paid for it! A really good book indeed…

Happy Browsing…..

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