Books can be humorous, fictional, romantic,thriller and so on.But the one that I read today is created a different type of emotion in me.It left a thug in my mind. I am still revolving with the characters!

I got this book – Gulabi by Pankaj Suneja for review…

Before going on to the story here is what the author shares…

The book is about experience of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia
is challenging disorder often characterized by abnormal social behavior and a
significantly altered perception of reality. Its treatment largely depends on
medications and psychosocial interventions but no single approach is widely
considered effective for all patients. Through this book he offers the readers a
glimpse into the multifaceted world of schizophrenia in the form of fictitious
storyline revolving around two characters..

So  now you know what the story is all about. Yes, it revolves around two people – Monty and Virginia.And there is also this special character- Gulabi!

This is a simple story of the two characters -Monty who is the psychotic part and Virginia -the non psychotic part.

The books does begin with Death as its first chapter!!

Monty ends his long distance relationship with a girl.Virginia who loves to travel the world has just lost her ex-boyfriend. The story goes about as to what the two characters do to cope up the situation.

Monty always feels that there is no true love or permanent relationship in this world. Suddenly he ‘meets’ Gulabi. She is with him all the time, listening to him speak inside his mind.She literally lives with him all throughout. She teases him,plays with him, is his companion and what not! Monty knows that this relationship will not last yet he is hesitant to let go of her.

Virginia,leaves the town in which she lives after separating from her married ex-boyfriend and travels alone in search of companionship.

One day Virginia finds Monty hanging from the ceiling! She is upset and leaves.What happens next is the story.

 My views on the book:
It is a relatively small book- just 75 pages in length and you can really finish it off in one short. Yet the story line is strong.

The author who himself has experienced the breakdown, has written this book really well! Simple to understand language and easy to follow.

The story of Monty- Gulabi and Virginia take place side by side and makes it a very interesting read.

The places in the story where he explains Virginia not trusting anyone and feels that someone might be following her and changes her accommodation seems so real.That is just like any lady traveling alone would feel right!

I could feel the pain when Monty is deciding if he is to be taken hostage by Gulabi and be bound with her forever or has to let her go..

On the whole apart from the story line what is overwhelming is the fact that a person who was affected by this disorder has come forward to share the life of a Schizophrenic! Now that’s a bold move indeed and the author has succeeded !

Go ahead and grab this book and get an insight on the life of a person who has a psychotic breakdown.

About Author
Pankaj Suneja has completed his Master of Arts in Psychology
(Psychosocial Clinical Studies) from Ambedkar University, Delhi. In 2011- 12, he
suffered from a psychotic episode and had to leave his studies.Thanks to medications and the support of  family and teachers, he regained the health and
resumed studies. In October 2013, he wanted to do an experiment for his thesis and decided to survive without medications.He wanted to record the episode in an authentic manner.The same year he experienced another breakdown after a painful long term relationship break-off.That was when Gulabi came into being.His thesis work has
been about understanding the experience of psychosis or schizophrenia.
Happy Browsing…

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