I watched happily as the kids rolled all over the grass and ran around like crazy. I was sure they were having a swell of a time! I was nostalgic. I did the same thing, in the same place when I was their age! It was a lot of fun.

We walked through the trees and clicked a lot of pics. The kids enjoyed the sun, the slightly chilly winds,flowers and the freedom to run around and roll on the grass! The Botanical Garden is such a beautiful place to be in even if it is so crowded!

I smiled the biggest smile when I saw my school.It was this place that made me..well, me! Yes, what I am today I owe it to my school. Today, it wore a deserted look. It was closed for summer vacations and there was not a soul in sight. I walked into the office room in a  hope to see one of the teachers or the staff and I was happy to one of the staffs.

And then walking around the classrooms, I kept telling the kids the classes I studied in , the teachers who taught me and of course showed them the library which played a huge part in getting me to fall in love with books and reading. I peered though the glass door and the library had changed! It has now become the junior reading room /A.V room. I was not able to locate the senior reading room!

Again more pics and more walking around the campus and telling my husband and kids where we used to play/ have lunch/ meet the headmistress and so on. All the while the kids and hubby shared my enthusiasm.

This was the happiest moment and I kept telling dad that the school visit was the highlight of our trip and I didn’t even realise that my tummy rumbled coz I skipped breakfast!

And then we went to other places of tourist interest, a small stop at a small amusement park, driving through tea estates and then back home. One of the best days of my life. And I really miss my growing up place -Ooty…

Well , after all that fun and nostalgia, I realised that it was the day to post the first dish for Srivalli’s Kid’s Delight event, hosted this month by Mir, themed- Creamy foods, which also happens to be the theme I have taken for Blogging Marathon #52, Week 1.

When I was reading through the Mir’s announcement post, I saw that she had mentioned yogurt! I love yogurt and we always have a large bowl of it in the fridge. Curd rice is one of my favorite dish and I use yogurt/ curd as a side with all tiffin items. I know it sounds crazy but I just love yogurt. When hunger pangs strike in the even I add it to a bowl of curries / Sev and enjoy the combo! Yogurt is the ultimate comfort food for me!So it is only natural that I post a yogurt based recipe for the event as well for the marathon.

This recipe is a raita, a Maharastrian version, to be precise.

 We exchanged a whole bunch of goody bags when we met for the BM #50 celebration meet. Pradnya’s bag had a lot of gifts and among them were spiecs mixes and a cookbook-recipe collection from her blog.So I made this using the methkoot that Pradnya had packed and followed the recipe from the book.

Methkoot is a mildly spiced lentil spice mix something similar to Menthe Hittu.Since it is non spicy, kids too love it. I even sprinkled this over the vegetable uthappam I once had for breakfast and also mixed it with piping hot rice with ghee. It was divine!

At first Lil Angel was not quite ready to taste  the methkoot koshambir. But later when she saw me relishing it, asked for just a spoon and then rest is history!!!

So here is the recipe…

I used:

Thick yogurt – 1 cup
A handful of veggies, finely chopped
Coriander leaves a few
Methkoot –  1 tablespoon
Salt to taste

Whisk the yogurt with salt. Add the vegetables and coriander leaves.Put in the methkoot, mix well.


Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#52

This also joins the May Week 1 Cooking from Cookbook Challenge Group.

Bon Appetit…

8 thoughts on “Methkoot Koshimbir”

  1. PJ it was lovely reading through your memories..you studied in ooty!!..wow man that is wonderful..we spent many summer vacation in that place and feel it as second home..btw nice dish and so good that you are using up the gifts..I should do it soon too!

  2. Lovely post PJ. It lust have been quite an experience showing your kids your childhood places. I would love to do that with my kids.
    Koshimbir sounds delicious with that Maharastrian spice powder.

  3. Hi there. Came across your blog while googling for Methkoot and loved this quick, easy dish. Went very well with rotis and green chutney and sweet mango pickle as accompaniments. It is of course a delectable standalone raitha that can be had any time of the day especially during summer months. I used a store bought mildly flavoured Paruppu Podi powder that I already had with me. Will make Methkoot once this gets exhausted. Up until now, was only using it with hot rice and ghee, which is my favourite too! Now going to try adding to other curries as well. Thanks very much. 🙂

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