It’s been 3 months since the Blogging Marathon # 50th edition meet, yet each time I enter the kitchen or open the prop cupboard, all the memories of the meet come rushing and then suddenly I am transported to Chennai!

All the food props, food gifts, books are being put to good use and I love and cherish each and everything that was part of that meet.

So today,I have yet another recipe from the book that Pradnya gave us with recipes from her blog that makes use of the spices /spice mixes and other ingredients that she packed up for us.

Solkadhi has been on my list for a long,long time. I have made Futi Kadhi many times, with the kokum that she had given during the Ahmadabad meet, mainly because its very easy to make and Lil Angel loves the flavor.

So when Pradnya gave us the kokum this time, this was dish that I wanted to make. And here it is!  I loved the medley of flavors.But the worst part is deciding if I liked having it as a drink or with steamed rice ! And taking about the color,it is simply – Wow!!!

I used:

Kokum pieces- 10,soaked in 1 /2 cup water
Grated coconut / coconut pieces- 1/4 cup
Hot water- 2 cups
Garlic-2 pods
Ginger- 1″ piece
Green chili -1
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves to garnish

In a mixie jar take coconut,ginger,garlic, green chili and grind into a paste. In a bowl take the hot water and transfer the ground mixture into the water. Set aside for 5 minutes. Now strain the mixture

To the strained coconut milk, add the kokum water after squeezing out the kokum pieces. Add little by little, tasting and adding more if needed. Add salt to taste.Mix well.Add coriander leaves…

Serve as such or with steamed rice.

This post joins May Week 4 Cooking from Cookbook Challenge Group.

Bon Appetit…

4 thoughts on “Sol Kadhi”

  1. I am yet to cook with all those spices. The first few days after I came back to NY, I was eating kokum with some chili powder & salt 😊. Sol kadhi looks good.

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