Would you believe if I told you that I have seen only a couple of dozens of movies in the theater till date?Yes, I am not a movie-going person! The loud noise gives me headaches and I am not really into movies. The dozen or so movies that I have seen are movies like Jurassic Park, Baby’s Day out, Mummy and so on. The regional movies that I saw were a few comedies that I went with my cousin where we sat chatting away to glory while the movie was going on!

On the other hand I love to watch thrillers, mysteries, something to do with hospitals kinda series. I totally hate the soul stirring, teary eyed drama!No offense.I would rather watch something else than a MIL – DIL fight or a how a neighbor plans to betray his next door friend. So you can catch me watching the likes of Prison Break,Castle,Grey’s Anatomy,Mentalist,How to get away with murder, etc.

Hubby on the other hand loves movies,mostly the action packed ones which I find very ‘painful’. And he watches them at home rather than go to a theater.

Lil Angel has watched just one movie in the theater and managed to sleep through most of Kung Fu Panda- 1.Lil Dude has never set foot into a theater. Their movie domain is at home!And at home the kids have their movies- Cinderella, Snow white, Tinkerbell,Rapunzel, Up,Cloudy with the chance of meat balls,Ice age and so on.

On such movie dates at home, it is only fair that the tastebuds crave something yum! Movies means pop corn, but here at home, kids love pizzas. I make these easy breezy pizzas with bread and its always a hit!

This bread pizza is for Blogging Marathon #54, Week3, where my theme is Snacks for a movie date…

These pizza’s are small portions that are easy to make and not very messy when served / eaten.

I am just  giving the list of ingredients here. Adjust them to suit your taste…

Bread slices
Tomato sauce
Colored capsicum, finely chopped
Tomato, finely chopped
Onion,finely chopped
Grated cheese
Chili flakes

Flatten the bread lightly with a rolling pin. Spread a little oil on one side.On the other side spread tomato sauce

Fit these into a muffin tray. Add the veggies and top with cheese.Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degree C for 10 minutes / till cheese melts.Once out of the oven sprinkle oregano and chili flakes.

Serve this with a drink of your choice.

The same recipe can be made using bread slices as such for the base. Use a bottle cap/ round cookie cutter to trim the edges and follow the same procedure.

The step by step pics will take you through the process which is same as above.

Garnish with chili flakes and dried oregano before serving.

Lil Angel loved the Pizza cups and she thought it was a cute idea. Lil Dude like the round bread pizza.

20 thoughts on “Bread Pizza | Bread Basket Pizza”

  1. These are so quick and interesting PJ…I am sure I will love this!..Even though I haven't been much to cinemas before marriage, I have become a sort of regular now..and more at home as well..though our snacks are mostly same..:)..

  2. yes, I remember the rather long conversations we had about CAstle and the Mentalist.. Too bad Mentalist finale is over 🙁

    These bread cups are too tempting, I too make it very often and made it even for EO's birthday recently.

  3. I watched very few movies with until I was in school. I would stay back at home when everyone went to a movie. I never use to watch movie even at home but now that has changed. I watch everything though I prefer comedy & action movies.

    This bread pizzas make an excellent snack to munch on while watching a movie.

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