This is one of the most basic recipes.But I wanted to have its place in this series – Condiments from across the globe, which is the theme this week in the Buffet in table-56th edition of Blogging Marathon.

This is a three ingredient sauce that can be used for fried rice and noodles. It is a basic sauce and a very simple one too.

Generally when Schezwan sauce is prepared, soy sauce and tomato sauce and other ingredients are added . But I have kept it very basic since I always add soy sauce and tomato sauce when I make the dish.

I make a batch of this sauce and freeze them ice cube trays and later store them in ziplock bags in the freezer. Just take out a cube or two , thaw them and use in the recipe.

I found that I did not like the frozen ones when it had soy sauce and tomato sauce and hence stick to my version of this sauce.

Since this is an uncooked sauce, it is best to freeze the leftovers.But it does stays good for a week in the fridge.

You can use this sauce to make these dishes

Schezwan fried rice
Schezwan sesame noodles

I use:

Red chilies- 15
Garlic-8-10 pods
Ginger-2″ piece

Soak the red chilies in hot water for a while. The more you soak, the easier it is to grind. After at least an hour of soaking, drain and discard the soaking water. Take the remaining ingredients in a blender jar and grind to a fine paste.Scrape down the side and grind well.

Caution: Do not use your hands to scrape down the sides of the jar while
grinder. Use a spoon / spatula. Else your hands will burn and it is a
very unpleasant feeling..

Use in fried rice / noodles or store the remaining sauce in the fridge and use within a week or freeze and use when needed.

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Bon Appetit…

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