The months of April and September are very special to a group of crazy ladies who blog together each month.Wondering why!! Read on….

A group of foodies take part in a food event called Blogging Marathon spearheaded by Srivalli of Spice your Life
blog.Every month we take up themes and post 3 recipes per week. And in
April and September we run a month long Marathon,posting 26 recipes with
the Sundays off.

Each time we have very interesting and challenging themes and they are something that we look forward to.

The planning and execution of the themes starts months ahead and by the time we wrap up the Mega marathon posts, we feel satisfied, proud and and extreme sense of achievement laced with a little exhaustion!

For these mega marathons we push our limits and strive to prepare something that we normally hesitate to make. We usually refrain from making the mundane dishes for the mega marathon and the themes get tougher and interesting as the years go by.

So far in the mega marathons,as we call them, we did…

April 2014 Fire Up Your Oven – Month long baking marathon
September  2014Around the world in 30 days – We traveled across the globe to create some culinary magic
April 2014- Indian food Odyssey– Showcased the cuisines of  Indian states
September 2013A-Z Marathon – Blogged dishes starting with A all the way through Z
April 2013 – Weekly themes…

This year, we have a different theme for each week we chose to call it – Buffet on the table!

 It was a difficult task for me to cook and post dishes for this BM as I was way behind everyone in getting the dishes ready by D day…Though we knew the themes earlier and had more than enough time to get ready, I started it just a week before the event started.

So many of my posts  are simple ones.I stuck to those I could cook and click and write about without getting stressed out. I did not want to pull out of the event and also did not want to loose the fun by stressing out.

In between there came a stage when I thought I should just pull out of the marathon but the encouraging words from my fellow marathoners helped me a lot and I posted all the recipes and my friends were so understanding when my posts were a bit late. Thank you gals….

Keeping my fingers crossed that I am doing justice to the wonderful themes of the month…

Let us see what was served in the buffet…

Week 1 – Combo Meals across countries 

Day 1 – Baby corn fried rice with Schzewan baby potato gravy


Day 2: India – Rice Bonda and Kashmiri Pink Tea 

Week 2 – Indian States….

1. Delhi – Chur chur paratha,katta meeta kaddu, simple aloo sabzi

2.Rajastan – Missi Roti and Jodhpuri Gulab Jamun Ki Sabzi

3. Punjab- Kadai Mushroom gravy

4. Gujarati Idada / Edada / Safed Dokhla

5.Kashmiri Roti and Veth Chamman[Kashmiri Style paneer gravy]

6. Chettinad style Potato Curry

Week 3 – Condiments from across the Globe

1. Tibetan Sepen – Fiery  chili dip / sauce

2. Simple and basic Schezwan Sauce for fried rice and noodles

3.Roasted Red Bell Pepper Pasta Sauce

4. Sri Lankan Curry Powder 

5. Sambal Tomat – Spicy Javanese Condiment

 6.Cabbage Chutney

Week 4 – Breakfast dishes across the globe

1. Icelandic Oatmeal porridge

 2.Vegan Chia Breakfast Bowl

3. Breakfast muffins – Eggless Blueberry Swirl Muffins

4. Malaysian Nasi Lemak

5.Indian Breakfast platter with Vendhaya Idli, Vegetable Vadai and Cauliflwer masal roast.

6. Chinese Breakfast Platter

Week 5 – Blogger’s Choice- I chose Functions and Festivals

1. Deepastamba Poojay 

2. Varalakshmi Vratha

 3. Navarathri celebration

We are back to 3 days a week format from tomorrow. Hope to see you around….

Bon Appetit….

10 thoughts on “Buffet On The Table – Blogging Marathon # 56 Recap”

  1. Glad that you participated,melted would have missed some wonderful posts…I have yet to comment on a couple of posts, will come back again for that.all recipes are very well written and tempting, you need not worry.

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