The year 2015 has come to an end and with it comes the time to look back, record or remember the year that went by and move forward into the brand new year.

This year saw a lot of ups and downs, successes and a few things that did not make it to the mark, joys and sorrows and it is not possible to pen these down in a single post.

On the personal front, we took a pilgrimage trip to Udupi, a place that was on my list for a very long time. I loved every moment there, the darshan of the Lord, the food at the temple[prasad] and the sights around the temple. It was a very significant trip for us.

The highlight of the year was meeting my BM friends for the Blogging Marathon #50th edition celebration.Read about the events and happenings on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. It was three days of fun, food and frolic!

Another happy moment was when I won a cookery contest hosted by Hello FM .The dish was Methi Channa Pulao that I made with Brown rice and the price- a Preeti Rangoli Rice Cooker!! It was thrilling experience when they came home to taste the dish!

I lost my MIL in July and it was a hard time for all at home to cope with the loss.But life moves on ,right…

Some of the things that happened on the blog this year…

We did the April Mega Marathon with the theme – Fire Up The Oven.I
was thrilled and even a little surprised that I posted a month full of
baked goodies!! In September we did another Mega marathon with the theme
Buffet on the table.We had a theme for each week and it was a big accomplishment for me to have finished the marathon!The Bakeathon was also done where we posted 3 baked dishes a week all through December.

Events hosted:

1.Say Cheese
2. My Legume Love Affair #84
3.My Legume Love Affair #90

Books that were sent in for reviews…

1.The year started off with Shuba Vilasji sending me a copy of the book- Ramayana-The Game Of Life -The Shattered Dreams! I was thrilled at this offer!
2.Then came The Aryavarta Chronicles- Book 3  Kurukshetra through blogadda
3.Mug of Melancholy, sent across from the publishers
4. Gulabi, sent by the author
5.From Where I see,through Bloggadda
6.The Best Seller She Wrote, also through Blog Adda

Here are the dishes that were popular…

 Though it is a difficult task to choose the favorite 12 out of 237 posts, I had to choose these dishes…

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I am not big on making resolutions both personal and blog-wise. This
year,I just want to make sure my other blog babies get some attention.

In order to achieve that , I have signed up for some reading Challenges in my book blog, a 365 days of photograph project for my photo blog and some new sites to visit on my Travel blog.

This post goes to Srivalli’s Best of the year 2015 event

Now, looking forward to what 2016 has in store for us and…

Wishing all my readers
A very happy
New Year

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