Afghanistan literally means ‘ The land of the Afgans’. Here are some trivia about this country…

  • A landlocked country situated in Central Asia.
  • The people are called Afgans and Afganis is the currency.
  • The official language is Dari and Pashto though Turkmen,Uzbek and Persian are also spoken.
  • It was under the British rule and celebrates its Independence day on August 19th.
  • Main source of Income is from Agriculture.
  • It is also rich in oil and natural gases.
  •  Buzkashi is the national game which means goat-grabbing. Two teams on horse backs try to catch a goat!
  • Nawroz is the New year which is celebrated on March 21st which is the beginning of spring.
  • Poetry occupies an important place in their culture.
The Cuisine of Afghanistan is influenced by its neighboring countries.  Major ethnic groups – Pashtuns,Tajiks and Uzbecks lend their flavors and tastes to this cuisine.The use of Saffron, cardamom, black pepper etc sow that in a way Indian cuisine too influences the Afgan cuisine.
The people prefer a moderately spicy and  moderate use of spices type of food.Fat is added to in large quantities so that it is becomes the fuel to withstand the harsh climate of the country.Mutton is widely used in most of the dishes and the people are fond of non vegetarian dishes..This cuisine makes use of dried fruits and nuts.The people like to entertain guests by serving the best available foods.
Some of the popular dishes of this cuisine include…
  • Qabuli pulao– An aromatic rice made with carrots and raisins and served with lamb.Other ice varities are also popular.
  • Kebabs– These are mostly served with naan breads.
  • Mantu – Steamed dumplings with onion and beef.
  • Shorma – Soups
  • Different varieties of Naan breads
  • Khameerbob- A native pasta dish that is made especially on festive days.
  • Yogurt and whey is also used in large quantities
  • Kofta – Meatballs
  • Chai or tea is the preferred drink/ beverage

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