I am not very particular about what I want to have for breakfast. I can make do with a buttered toast and coffee or settle down for an elaborate south Indian style breakfast or a savory oats porridge or just roll up a roti and have it with tea!!I know that breakfast is the  important meal of the day and though I never skip breakfast, I never stick to a regime.Call it laziness ,’no time’,or the fact that I just have to make breakfast for one [since the kids and hubby have a different breakfast time / breakfast food and I can’t have breakfast with them],I just eat anything that catches my fancy on that particular day.

I saw the announcement for this months theme on Recipe ReDux , which said…

Break Out of Breakfast Boredom

Cooks aren’t always pressed for time in the mornings – they just need
new ideas. Think mug cakes, smoothie bowls, breakfast cookies and more.
Show us the healthy way you wake up your breakfast – or wake up just
for breakfast!

Seeing this theme, I thought maybe I can work out a breakfast schedule for myself and make efforts to stick to it so that it makes waking up just for breakfast, fun!

Normally, I would chart out an Indian meal for breakfast, but for a change, I took up one of the examples from the above announcement and made this smoothie bowl.

I have plans and ideas for a few more such bowls and if they are interesting, will share them later.

I have already posted a Vegan Chia Breakfast Bowl recipe a while back which we all loved , so I thought of something new.

Here I have used strawberries , banana and oats along with little toasted oats. Along with the  topping, this makes a very healthy,filling and nourishing breakfast!


Here is what I did…

Blend 1 medium sized banana , 5 strawberries, 2 tablespoons of toasted oats along with 150ml milk. Pour into a bowl and top / garnish with strawberry, banana slices, Muesli,Flax seeds, Chia, melon seeds, peanut butter chips.
    • The variations are endless!! Use any garnish / topping of your choice.

  • To make it vegan, use almond milk / soy milk.


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