Assam is one of the states in the North Eastern region of India. This state is very well known throughout the world for its tea and silk.Assam in rich in culture, ethnic groups and literature.The famous Kaziranga Narional Park is in Assam and it houses the one horned Rhinos and tigers.Assam is turning into a popular wild life tourism destination

Coming to the cuisine of Assam, rice is one of the main dishes and there are many varieties of rice that are grown and it is cooked in many ways too.

Fish can also be said as a staple here are they are availablein abundance from the ponds and rivers.

The cooking techinque is very different from the other Indian cuisines. The tempering of dishes is not seen in the Assamese cuisine.

Also the preparation techniques are not very elaborate but that does not compromise the taste of the dishes.This cuisine does use spices but can be felt just mildly ie. they do not overpower the dish.

The meal usually consists of Rice[Bhaat],lentils[dal], fish curry[masor jool],Meat curry[mangso] and / or greens and vegetables [xaak and bhaji].

A meal usually has a Tenga– a sour dish and a Khar – alkali dish. The meal begins with a Khar and ends with a Tenga

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