Bihari cuisine is seen predominantly in the regions of Bihar, Jharkhand,Eastern Uttar Pradesh. I was amazed to read that it is also seen in the neighboring countries of Pakistan and Nepal and is also seen in countries like Fiji, Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago because of the Bihari settlers there.

Bihar is one of the states in the Eastern regions of India and is in the 12th largest state in terms of geographical size.This state is divided into two parts by the river Ganges that flows from west to east.

Magadha,which is in the South West Bihar region was the seat of learning in ancient India.Several dynasties flourished in this land in ancient times.

The national aquatic animal of India – The Ganges river dolphins aka Sois is found in Bihar!

Bihar was divided and the state of Jharkhand was born on 15th November 2010.

Bihari cuisine is said to have been influenced both by the Hindu and Buddhist values of non violence and hence it is a vegetarian one. However there is also a division that eats fish and other meats as well.

The Bihari cuisine is famous for its ‘smoked’ dishes . This cuisine boasts a large number of dishes in all the categories and is said to be flavorful in its own rights.

This cuisine makes use of seasonal ingredients that are treated to simple techniques. The vegetables or other main ingredients shown their presence without being masked by the over use of spices.That does not mean spices and masalas are not used here. They are used in a very subtle way.

Some of the very famous dish are the Litti Chokka, Sattu parathas, bihari kebabs etc. I did not want to make these so hunted for a different recipe and arrived at this gravy.

The dishes on a thali change with the seasons and mostly these varieties of foods can be seen – Rice , Roti, dal, tarkari /vegetable dish,and dahi accompanied by.Achar/pickle, chatni,pappad and sometimes salad

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