Popularly  publicized as ‘ God’s own country’, Kerala is the land of Malayalam speaking people who live in the South west region along the Malabar coast.This state was formed on November 1st 1956.

This land is known for tis rubber, spice, cashew,tea, coffee,, coconut.Kerala is also known or its backwaters, beaches and Ayurvedic retreats / resorts, The famous kalari art, etc.

The ancient scriptures say that this place was recovered by Parashuram, the 6th avatar of Lord Vishnu. Archaeological findings dates this state back to the Neolithic period. You can read more about Kerala here… 

The cuisine of Kerala is both Vegetarian and non vegetarian in nature.Rice is the staple food here and the uses of spices in the cooking is not uncommon.Since coconut is grown in abundance, the use of coconut in the cuisine can be seen in a large scale.

Since this place has been in touch with people coming in from foreign countries, some of the international flavors have been adapted to the local tastes.

A large part of this cuisine is said to have been influenced by the Muslim and Syrian Christian cultures.Since it borders Tamil nadu, this cuisine too is reflected in the Kerala dishes.The European influence can be seen in the form of a lot of Anglo Indian recipes and a large number of bakeries serving Western Styled pastries and savories.

The Thalassery Briyani of the Malabar cuisine is very popular and so is the Sadya meal that is served in a traditional manner with a lot of dishes on festivals and special occasions.

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