Mizoram literally means – Land of the Hill people.True to the name this is a land of rolling hills,rivers and valleys and I was surprised to read that there are as many as 21 major ranges of different heights and lengths running across this state with plains scattered in between them!

The origin of the people of this state is shrouded in mystery.The Kukis are the earliest inhabitants of this state and nothing much is known about their earlier existence. Until the British rule in India, these people lived in autonomous villages.

It is indeed great to know that this state stands second in literacy after Kerala and has the second highest urbanization rate in India!

Since this state is blessed with a mesmerizing beauty, the government is trying to increase the revenue by promoting tourism.But due to the lack of essential amenities, the process is getting delayed.

Just like the other North Eastern States, the main food category here too are the non vegetarian dishes. Though vegetables are used and savored, no meal is complete without a few meat based dishes.

Pork, duck, chicken and fish are the most preferred foods along with bamboo shoots and locally grown herbs.

Lard was traditionally and now a day mustard oil is used but in very minimal quantities. Most of their foods are boiled or steamed  and no oil is used in such dishes.

Spices are also sparingly used and the dishes are usually flavored with locally grown herbs and bamboo.Some commonly used spices / flavoring agents are onion, green chili, ginger and garlic.

Meals are usually served on plantain leaves and desserts are not common after a meal. The locals prefer a fresh fruit to desserts.

The use and choice of ingredients can be used as a mark to determine the social / economic status of the family.

It is the job of the women of the household to prepare the daily meal.But in festive times or family gatherings, the male members take over the cooking!You can read more interesting facts about the food and culture of the Mizo people here

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