Haryana came into existence on November 1st 1966.It was earlier apart of Punjab.

There are several theories on how this state got the name. One is that it could me – The Lord’s abode [Hari – Lord Vishnu, Ayana – abode].The other one is that it comes from the terms Hari – green, Aranya- forest. One more theory suggests that it was derived from the Great Genetal of Samrat Pritviraj Chauhan – Great Rana HarRaj. His descendants occupied the region and they were the largest and most powerful occupants of the present day Haryana.

In the ancient times, Haryana is said to be the outermost location of the Indus Valley civilization.

Now, coming to the important part – the cuisine.It is said to be invariably like the people of Haryana- simple ,robust and with a strong connection to the land!

Haryana is called the ‘Land of Roti’ and in the the Mahabarata, this land was mentioned as the ‘Land of immense wealth’ and ‘Land of abundance of grains’.

Harayana is known for its cattle wealth and hence there is an abundance of Milk and milk products.It is primarily a vegetarian cuisne.Vegetables occupy an important place in the cuisine

In the rural areas, it two meals a day schedule. Mid morning roti with some side dishes and green chilies and a dinner of kichdi or other dishes and a large round of drinks follow[for the men, of course].


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