Madhya Pradesh-The name literally means ‘The Central State’.Madhya Pradesh or MP, has a large tribal population and is cut off from the mainstream.Hence this is one of the least developed states in the country.

Archaeological findings and the Mesolithic paintings uncovered in this state say that this place was inhabited as back as 500,000 years ago!

MP is a home to 11 National Parks and 3 bio reserve sites.

Food in MP is parallel to its tradition and culture.It has both Vegetarian and Non vegetarian dishes.Mostly these dishes retain their traditional aspects and there are very few variations in them.

The cuisine of MP has an influence of both Gujarati and Rajastani foods.Within the state itself there are different types of cuisines.Like in the Northern  and Western part of this place Wheat based foods are predominant and in the Southern part of this state, Rice and fish are predominately consumed.

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