Maharashtra -It is a state in the Western part of India and is the second most populated state in the country and not to mention the wealthiest state!

It houses the Bollywood and hence Mumbai which is a part of this state is extremely popular .Cricket craze can be seen in this state but Hockey and kabbadi are also quite famous.

Maharastrian cuisine caters to all sorts of people. It varies from mildly spiced dishes to spicy ones that can bring a tear in your eye! The staples in this state are Rice,jowar, bajra and lentils and vegetables.

The food/meal is served on a thali / palte and each food has a designated place in the thali.The staples are mostly rice/ bread based dishes.

Each region of Maharashtra has its own list of appetizers, sides and mains.The people of Maharashtra are for their aesthetic presentation of food and hence it makes the dish all the more appetizing.

This state also boasts of a large variety of fasting dishes and dishes that are prepared during festivals.

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