Punjab- the Land of 5 rivers.The Greeks called this land as Pentapotamia meaning inland delta of five converging rivers. The scared texts of the Zorastrians called this the Sapta Sindu ot the Land of 7 rivers.

In the ancient times, Punjab was the gateway to the Indian Subcontinent for the people from Greece, Central Asia , Iran and Afganistan.

Punjab is the single largest producer of Wheat in the country.

For me, Punjab is always those Bollywood heros and heroines running through the mustard fields in full bloom where the heroine is mostly from Punjab!At least about a decade back most films that I saw were like this.

And then there is this Balle Balle Bangra dance that gets featured in all cultural programs in college.

Coming to the cuisine of the Punjabis…

The food comes from the Punjab region of both India and Pakistan.It has a diverse range of dishes and they vary within the state itself.Even the choice of ingredients differ from one place to another within the state.

The most popular dishes are of course Sarson ka Saag and Makki ki Roti. Apart from this there are so many delicacies like the Kebabs, rumali roti,Poori halwa, Kulchas, Naan,lassi,etc.

And of course the Punjabi Dabba that serves the most delicious and ghee laden dishes!Even here in Tamil nadu there are so many Punjabi Dhabas, at least one near every highway exit.Though the owners are not Punjabis , the dishes are almost authentic. Plus these also serve the local dishes along with north Indian foods.

Years back, when I was in college, we went on a trip to a few places in North India. We mostly stuck to the Daaba style foods coz it was cheap and tastier than the star restaurants. They were clean too much to our surprise.

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