Uttar Pradesh / UP literally means the Northern Province and is the fourth largest state in the country by area and economy.The state was the home to several powerful kingdoms in the past.This state has several religious, natural and historic tourist destinations and houses the oldest cities like Budaun and Varanasi.

This city also has a vast Mythical connection.Lord Rama is supposed to have ruled his kingdom from Kosala , a part of UP and Lord Krishna is said have been born in Mathura, UP.You can read more about this state here

The cuisine of Uttar Pradesh comes under two genres- Mughal and Awadhi but the cooking patterns are similar to the rest of North Indian.Breads are a significant dish in this cuisine as wheat is the staple and have a large variety of breads too made not only of wheat but also with other flours like millet flour etc.

This cuisine has some of the very simple dishes and also boasts of some elaborate ones too.Some of the popular dishes are Banarasi Paan, Lucknowi briyani,Madhura ke peda etc. Milk , cream, saffron,cardamom are used extensively in the dishes.

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