We are on the 4th alphabet today in the Journey Through The Cuisines . While looking up for recipes in this series, I made note of only the recipes that were simple and were a part of out day to day cooking.For D, I was not sure what to cook until I saw this dish in one of the blogs and it fitted my criteria perfectly.

This dish is supposed to made on the Dwadashi day. Ekadashi is the 11 lunar day which comes every fortnight and Dwadashi is the next day[i.e the 12 lunar day].Ekadashi is the day meant for fasting. My grand dad still does the Ekadashi fasting and I wonder how he is able to do it at this age!

Anyway, during fasting certain foods are allowed if one needs to take something and I will write about those foods in another post.

For now ,let us talk about Dwadashi. The full day Ekadashi fast is broken on the Dwadashi day.The meal is had early in the day and on this day too, certain food items are prepared specially for breaking the fast.

The dishes prepared are selected in such a way to cleanse the stomach/ soothe it after a day’s fast. One such soothing dish is porridge, though mom tells me that grandpa has not included this in his menu. So maybe this one is more of a family dish.

The porridge is made with rice and coconut milk and is easy on the tummy and tasted good too. I also read that it is serves along with dosa.

I made this one afternoon and by the time I clicked it, Lil Angel was back from school and she had it as an after school snack! She enjoyed it much to my surprise. Lil Dude on the other hand does not like gooey stuffs so walked away without even tasting it!


I used:
Adapted from – Udupi Recipes

Rice -1/2 cup
Thick Coconut milk– 1 cup
Water 1 1/2 cups

  1. In a pressure cooker take rice and water and pressure cook for 15 minutes or till rice is mushy.
  2. Remove the rice from the cooker and transfer to a pan and add coconut milk and simmer stirring once in a while for 5-8 minutes. The rice will get creamier.
  3. Remove from heat and serve.


  • Do not use basmati rice or other long grain rice for this recipe. Use the regular rice as we need a mushy consistency that has to turn creamy later on.
  • I served it with pickle so did not add salt. while cooking. You can add a little salt if needed.
  • This is served with a little ghee on top. I skipped that.
  • Use fresh coconut milk for the best tasting porridge.


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20 thoughts on “Dwadashi Gangi | Rice – Coconut Milk Porridge”

  1. Quite an interesting dish to be made with coconut milk!..very nice one PJ..I got to know more on the fasting dishes through this series…I never bother about fasting mostly..:P

  2. Even I have that bamboo woven chaata. Don't what it is called in other languages. You are giving me ideas to put it to more use.. 🙂 Coconut milk in ganji is new to me and learnt something new about fasting food.

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