This is a simple one pot dish that is very handy to make on busy days. I pack this with either raita / yogurt.

Meal maker/ Soya Chukns / Soya nuggets is a textured vegetarian protein made from Soya beans. It is very nutritious and one of the good sources of proteins for vegetarians.

Sometimes, I add some vegetables to this briyani to make it more colorful and nutritious.

In the Lunchbox



  • I cook the soya chunks the previous night and refrigerate it. 
  • If adding vegetables , I chop them and keep them ready the previous night.


  •  In summer/ warm days, for the curd, take lukewarm milk in the lunch box container and add a little yogurt starter [ the
    previous day’s curd]  .It will set by lunch time. During the rainy season / winter, I pack fresh set home made yogurt for the lunch box.

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