Tamarind rice is one of my favorites. Not only does it taste good, it is also perfect to pack and can literally be prepared at the drop of a hat!

Most of the times, I have a small batch of homemade tamarind rice mix in the fridge. On days that are too hurried, I pack this for lunch .Since the kids also like this dish, they are happy!

The potato fry that I have packed here is similar to the one I posted earlier. But for a change I made them like french fries and followed the same method.

In the Lunch Box

Tamarind Rice

Quick Potato Fry

Jamun Fruit


  • You can use homemade / Store bought Tamarind rice paste / mix . I usually make it at home
  • Pack any fruit the kid prefers.
  • Tamarind rice and potato curry are a match made in heaven. So pack this version / your version of potato curry / potato wafers with this lunch.

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