It been a while since I wrote a restaurant review! While we lived in China, the new food habits and the culture wanted me to explore their cuisine further and I did a bit of restaurant reviews.

After returning to India, I did not focus much on reviewing and got back to regular blogging.

Now, here I am with a restaurant review and that too from Coimbatore!

A couple of months back, I received an invitation for a food tasting session at one of the restaurants here in Coimbatore. The session was a couple of days before the launch. Unfortunately I could not go for that session.

A few weeks back, Sharmi and myself fixed a day to go for the tasting session. Read on to see how it went…

Initially, I was not sure about the ambience and the type of food that would be served. But Sharmi who had attended the tasting session earlier was all in praise of that place.

We went there one morning and I took an immediate liking to the place.

The entrance…

The seating arrangement was the first thing that attracted me. These sofas reminded me of Central Perk, the cafe  in FRIENDS series where they 6 used to hang out most of the times. And I did mention this to the staff as well!

There is a small corner for the kids with a few board games and a work area with a laptop.One other thing that made me fall in love with the place were the books at the entrance!If you are a regular follower of my space,you know my love for books and when I saw those, my attention switched over to these and I badly wanted to sit down with a cuppa and dive into the book!!

Anyways, back to the seating arrangement, there are comfortable sofas and the regular chairs and tables as well. There is also an outdoor seating with swings and tables! They are planning to expand the seating to accommodate more people.

We were welcomed and offered a drink- A set of very flavorful lemonades. We were told that they keep changing the flavors once in a while and there are several hundreds that are waiting to be introduced one by one.

My favorite among the lot was this saffron and basil lemonade. Just the aroma itself made my taste buds dance and a sip literally transported me to heaven!

Black Coffee..

I have to tell you about this black coffee which was the best of the session. It was served with a piece of lemon tart. OMG! Being a coffee lover,it was bliss with every sip  .The bitterness of the coffee was so beautifully balanced by the tartness of the lemon tart.

The Spanish Omelette[an omelette made with Eggs,potatoes and onion] looked very impressively dressed with carrot and milk mayo! Sharmi told me it tasted wonderful.

The wish Chocolate milkshake was the ultimate! Such a huge portion that Sharmi and I shared it and yet could not finish it off. This is definitely something the kids would go crazy about.Absolutely stunning and extremely delish!

The burger and the fries…

Well , the burgers are not made with bread! Yes, its made with a mix of millet and other healthy flours and they are more like a pancake sandwiching the patty. The vegetarian burger was too sweet for my liking but I was told that the non veg burger was really nice and spicy. The fries were deliciously crisp and they undergo various cooking processes so that the outside is crunchy and have a soft interior!


Trimon is our good old ABC juice! The apple ,beets and carrot juice has gained the status of ‘miracle drink’. Discovered by the Chinese Herbalists, this drink has innumerable benefits for the body and the brain!

Wondering where I got this info from? It’s all in their menu card!

The Doffle chicken…which I clicked but didn’t taste…

Doffle is a cross between a dosa and a waffle! And the batter is made with healthy flours and it looked good too..

Once again my favorite– Latte…

This was served with a couple of buttery cookies made in-house .They literally melt in your mouth! A wonderful treat for the taste buds…

The Veg Phil Phil… that was customized for me as the original dish on the menu was a one with prawns!

Risotto with meat balls…

Wraps and Rolls…

They are experimenting and taste testing a wide range of wraps and rolls and will be available soon.

Last but not the least, the ambience.It was warm and very peaceful. It did play a role in accentuating the food tasting experience…

This is definitely not the run-off-the-mill kind of restaurant. I will tell you why…

The ingredients for all the dishes are sourced after careful scrutiny and only the best is procured. They spare no expense in bringing in the best and the freshest of the ingredients.

The pricing is not heavy on the pocket. Considering that the ingredients are fresh and the best, you will not mind the price tag! And the portion sizes are huge too!

Though they serve internationally famous dishes, they have incorporated a lot of Indian flavors into those dishes. I saw jars of Indian condiments and was so surprised to see More Milagai [Sundried Chilies]being used in one of them!!

Each non veg dish can be customized to a vegetarian option which I feel is really good. They even made a vegetarian dish for me which was a non veg on the menu card! The sauces and sides too can be mixed and matched!

The sauces and gravies are made fresh everyday and nothing is stored / frozen for later use.

The dishes are tastefully garnished and I love the way each item was served.

The Chefs are trained by internationally renowned and experienced chefs and this clearly reflects on the taste and the plating!

The decor is tasteful and the ambience is suited for a family gathering/ just to hang out with friends or people who want to grab something good on the way to work.

Each piece of cutlery and crockery have been chosen so well and they are so unique in appearance.

Their menu cards have a picture of the dish with an info about the main ingredients and the drinks menu card also has the health benefit of the drink / how it is good for the body.

The only thing I felt was, when elderly people like my parents visit this place, their choice may not match with those in the menu. Yes, their coffee is extremely good but other wise I am sure if they will prefer to have the other dishes.

Will I be going there again? Definitely!! The kids are totally mesmerized with the pics and we are planning a trip to Mugs and Brews very soon.

A huge thanks to Mr. Yesudas for inviting us over and to all the staffs for their excellent service and the delicious food…


23A Thudiyalur Road,
Sivasakthi Nagar Corner,
Near Curry Factory,
Tamil Nadu 641035

Website : Mugs and Brews

Timings – 11am to 11pm

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. All the opinions mentioned in this post are mine.

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