Come tomorrow, we ,a group of food bloggers are all set to blog 26 dishes that are rich in protein.You can check out the details in the announcement post here

Over the past several years we have been doing a mega marathon, where we post recipes everyday except Sundays.This mega marathon is done in April and September. The themes are announced well in advance and yet, I somehow manage to start the prep work just a week before the start of the marathon!

These are the themes that I have taken part in the past. Each link takes you through the compilation of dishes that were made for the themes.

As a dietitian this theme is very special to me.I have already written a few short articles on this.Do check them out if interested.[Click on the titles to read the article]

Next in this series, I wanted to make a list of protein rich dishes. But never got around to updating it regularly. When Srivalli announced this theme, I was excited and at last I would be able to make the list or at least a portion of it!

This time for the protein rich dishes, I have planned for some simple day to day dishes that can be prepared at home on a regular basis and with the ingredients that are present in the pantry.

I have planned to use one protein rich ingredient a week and all of them are commonly found in our kitchen.

Do come back tomorrow to see how we go about this theme.

8 thoughts on “Protein Rich Dishes – BM #80”

    1. Vinti,if you are looking for the protein rich posts, we are them all through September 2017. Please check the posts from the first of this month. The round up will be posted in the first week of October

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