Oats Chocolate Smoothie Bowl Recipe / Protein packed Smoothie Bowl

Talk about a dish that gets done in a hurry jiffy with whatever ingredients are available, then this dish will hold the first place!

I wanted an Oats based dish to be posted today and a smoothie was the only thing that I felt could be done quickly. But then I already have some versions.Then again banana was not present,so had to look for alternatives.

Somehow, I like bananas in smoothies especially with ingredients like Oats / Quinoa.I could not go out to buy banana was not in a mood to go out so the next alternative was checking out the substitutes.

And that is when the smoothie bowl idea came into being. It has been a while since I made smoothie bowls. When the overnight oats trend kicked in, I joined the bandwagon and left the smoothie bowls behind!

When I was breaking my head for ideas, I thought to make something different..Hence, I used apple instead of banana and I must say it tasted good.Along with apples, dates,peanut butter, melon seeds, roasted oats and almonds were used. This is one rich and thick smoothie bowl with loads of topping…

The quantity of ingredients can be adjusted to suit your taste.

Take roasted oats-1/4 cup, peanut butter-2 teaspoons , dates- 5, chopped apple-1 small, melon seeds-2 teaspoons,cocoa powder-2 teaspoons and blend well in a mixie. Add milk and blend for a couple of seconds.

Transfer onto a serving bowl and garnish with chocolate chips, dried cranberries, Goji berries, cashews, Chia seeds, melon seeds.


  • You can use banana instead of apple.
  • Adjust the ingedients to suit your taste
  • Feel free to add / omit any of the garnishes.
  • You can use Oats as such, but I like the roasted flavor of Oats, so I dry roast it for a couple of minutes before preparing the dish,

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24 thoughts on “Oats Chocolate Smoothie Bowl Recipe”

  1. They say necessity is the mother of invention. I say she never had to load up kids and drive 15 minutes to reach a store. I love your invention! Breakfast of champions, I think!

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