Weekends are very busy at my place.  Though it a holiday, we are running around between dropping kids at the various classes/ activities, housework, cooking and my classes.It is one of the tiring days of the week! Even with all these, a simple hearty lunch is enough to rejuvenate us.

This simple meal is filling and easy to prepare as well. You can chop the veggies the night before and refrigerate it. The tamarind rice paste can can be made ahead. It stays well , refrigerated, for at least 15 days!

The chapathi in this meal is totally optional. There were a few left over from the breakfast menu and since we love chapathi , the kids wanted one with the meal too,so added it to the menu. You can skip it though.

On the menu

  1. Steamed Rice
  2. Oats Chapathi [From the breakfast!]
  3. Kongunadu style drumstick sambar
  4. Paasi Paruppu Rasam [Moong dal Rasam]
  5. Quick carrot-beans curry
  6. Puli Sadham / Tamarind rice
  7. Cooked and mashed toor dal with ghee
  8. Maavadu Oorugai / Baby mango pickle
  9. Buttermilk

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