When the kidoo hates beets, one of the most effective ways is to incorporate it into a dish that he loves. Thus was born this Mixed Millet Beets Paniyaram Recipe!

My Lil one loves kuzhi paniyaram and I make it quite often during tea time. Taking advantage of his love for the dish,I added beets puree to the batter and made these gorgeous looking paniyarams.

He was skeptical to try them out but with a little coaxing from his sister, he tried a bite and then happily announced that he liked the pink paniyarams too!! Yay !!

I made this using mixed millet dosa batter so as to stick to my theme for the month. You can also try this with the regular batter.

I keep a batch of frozen beets puree handy to make dishes like these and the Beets Sambaram I posted a while back. I also add the puree to while kneading the dough for poori and chapathi. In these ways I am trying my bit to get my kiddo eat vegetables!

I read that to get the natural beet color in the cakes, the beets have to be cooked with the skin on.So ,no matter which recipe I cook with beets puree,I follow the same method.

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I used the same method to prepare the batter with which I made the mixed millet Idli and Mysore masal dosa recipe. You can use Kodo millet, Barnyard millet or fox tail millet

How to prepare Mixed Millets Beets Paniyaram:

Mixed millet idli / dosa batter – 2 cups
Beets Puree – 1/4 cup [ Refer notes below]

For seasoning:

Oil- 1 teaspoon
Mustard-1/2 teaspoon
Cumin seeds- 1/2 teaspoon
Onion-1,small, finely chopped
A few curry leaves, chopped

  1. Mix the batter and beets puree and keep aside
  2. Heat a small pan with oil
  3. Add the mustard and cumin seeds.
  4. When the mustard pops, add onion and curry leaves and saute till the onion is translucent.
  5. Pour this into the batter and mix well.
  6. Heat a paniyaram pan and smear oil in the moulds and drizzle a little oil[optional]and pour the batter into each mould.Cover and cook for a few minutes.
  7. The sides will turn crisp.Gently remove the paniyarams from the moulds and turn them over using a spoon / skewer. Once both sides turn crisp, remove from the pan and repeat for the remaining batter.Serve with a side of your choice.

I served this with mint chutney


  • Wash ,quarter the beets and pressure cook it with the skin on for 3 whistles/ till cooked.Once the pressure releases, drain the water used to cook the beet ,peel the skin and puree the beet.I did not add water.Use as needed.Freeze the remaining puree.
  • You can add finely chopped green chilies along with the onion in the seasoning.

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19 thoughts on “Mixed Millet Beets Paniyaram Recipe”

  1. Those are really gorgeous and am sure tasted as good as they look. At the angle you shot and the the color, I thought those were muffins. Paniyaram are sot and fluffy

  2. Omg, pj these are treat to eyes, how appealing they look and a fabulous way to include beets in the paniyaram , I love onions in the paniyaram these look yummy !! I love making paniyaram with carrot and beets .. This is a fantastic recipe !!!

  3. What a color ma!! super po!!! we love beets, even kids love it when masked with other dishes, as such my lil one won’t eat beets, but if mixed with buttermilk or rasam, he would enjoy!! i would sure try this one pretty soon!!!

  4. Wow, mixed millets and beets paniyaram look so colorful and inviting. I am sure it must have tasted as delicious as it looks.

  5. That is such a gorgeous color of the paniyaram and the color itself would be enough to make the kids eat this. I have some millets leftover and I am going to try to make the millet idli batter soon.

  6. The vibrant pink colored paniyarams are so cute to look and what a neat way to sneak in the healthy beets. I think I should go the reverse route and try to see whether my daughter would like these. My daughter eats all veggies but can not stand paniyaram. 🙂

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