I started this month with a Ragi flakes dry fruit and nut ladoo and ending this series on millets with this Thinai Maavu Ladoo | Foxtail Millet Ladoo Recipe.

My love for ladoos lead me to this recipe from Kanamma Cooks and I really liked the way it was prepared.

Unlike the other ladoo recipes that I have posted in the past, this one take a little more effort and the technique has be followed carefully! But it is all worth it when you take a bit of it and get to taste the awesomeness.

This recipe uses foxtail millet flour, roasted peanuts and jaggury syrup. I am not very fond of preparing dishes that used sugar / jaggery syrup as I always feel I will mess up the process.

But I went ahead with this recipe as it was one from my region – Kongunadu! Click on the link to know more about Kongunadu, its cuisine and recipes.

I used ready made thinai / foxtail millet flour and also added dark colored jaggery. With the quantity of flour I used, I got 9 medium sized ladoos.

Here is how to prepare Thinai Maavu Ladoo | Foxtail Millet Ladoo Recipe

I used:

Foxtail millet flour – 1 cup
Peanuts- 1 cup
Jaggery – 1 cup

Take the peanuts in a pan and roast till brown spots appear on the peanuts. Let it cool and remove the skin

Roast the flour in a pan on low flame for a couple of minutes and keep aside.

Take the peanut in a mixie jar and powder the peanuts.Add this to the plate with the roasted millet flour and mix.

Melt jaggery with 3 teaspoons of water.Once the jaggery melts, strain it

Now here comes the most important part. Add the jaggery syrup little by little .Keep mixing and add more only if needed. DO NOT ADD IT ALL AT ONCE.[I had a little of the jaggery syrup left over.]Once the mixture comes into a ball form, start making ladoos.

Serve or store in air tight container.It stayed good for 4 days at room temperature.More than that I don’t know as it had disappeared by then!


Day 26
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16 thoughts on “Thinai Maavu Ladoo | Foxtail Millet Ladoo Recipe”

  1. I would love to munch this thinai laddoo, yes am sure peanuts will definitely bring some beautiful nutty texture to this healthy and nutritious laddoos na. Seriously i want to make some soon.

    What a Mega marathon PJ and you rocked with super duper Millets dishes throughout these 26 days of blogging. Well done.

  2. That’s a perfect ladoo recipe to finish off this marathon. The addition of peanut is this ladoo is interesting and guess it makes it even more delicious and healthy. Good Job PJ for sharing such a healthy 26 millet recipes in this marathon and some recipes like chocolate shake with millet n all, i couldn’t even think of that. Amazing !!!

  3. I’m like you PJ – don’t usually venture into dishes that need sugar/ jaggery syrup. Those thinai flour laddoo with peanuts and jaggery sound absolutely delicious.

  4. Wow! What a combination of peanuts and thinai, PJ. Loved all the millet recipes. Shall bookmark the roundup as each of them is a good one to make.

  5. PJ , you have totally rocked this marathon, I now where to come for my millet recipes. I have lot of queries too, but they shall come on the personal mail. I have to start adding more millets to our diet , and your recipes sound absolutely perfect . Kudos on all the efforts on these.

    This ladoo reminds me of the peanut ladoo…and I bet the taste would be almost similar, wow..it must be a treat, I must try this one .

  6. Foxtail millet and peanut ladoo sounds super inviting and of course healthy too. I love your dedication toward using healthy grains and millets and day to day recipes. Good one to finish the marathon.

  7. Padmajha a sweet way to end the marathon with some millet and peanut ladoos. I’ve loved your millet dishes… some I prepare and some are new to me. However, be assured will be coming back to check out the recipes as we have started including millet in our diet.

  8. I love the earthy flavor of the millet along with the nutty peanut. That with jaggery is so healthy and super addictive! I loved all the recipes that you made for the marathon and totally astonished at how you used different millets in different kind of recipes.

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