Here are the recipes that were a part of the event -Explore The Flavors.I had chosen to highlight the Millet based Recipes and here is the Roundup

Before I go on to the roundup, let me share with you some of the ‘behind the scenes’ events.

The themes that were given for this month were all so interesting and you can find the announcement post here .I was wavering from one theme to another for quite some time. I made up my mind finally and decided to go with cooking with Whole grains as the theme.

I did not want to stick to one whole grain and I wanted variety. So I thought I could take up millets and yet prepare dishes with the wide varieties of millets that are available.

The organic shop that I usually shop at had been remodeled and I went around picking as many millets as I could. When I went to pay I casually glanced around the shelves and found a few pics that looked very familiar!

They were ads about the millets and pictures that showed the different varieties. One stood out clearly in my mind and I quickly checked my blog on the mobile and smiled to myself.

The billing clerk did look at me weirdly and then I showed her the pic from my blog where I had written about the millets and their varieties! I went on to tell her that it was the picture from my blog and some others bloggers that I know.

She said she was new and did not know about all this and some ad agency had got the boards done!She was probably scared that I would sue her!

Anyways, I was glad that my pic was worthy to be ‘stolen’ and printed on a board!!

And when it came to cooking the dishes, I cooked like a marathon! 4-5 dishes a day but clicking part was the tiring one. My mind did not work clearly and as I was racing the sunset most of the times, I did not care much looking for better props or set up!So some pics got a repeat plate / props!

Many of the dishes have repeat requests and my lil one still doesn’t know that I served him millets as milkshakes, buttermilk and desserts!

This time, I had all the recipes done and the first two weeks worth of posts scheduled before the start of the event. It made life a lot easier and things were back on track.

I am now looking forward to the next mega marathon and hopefully I will be as prepared as I was this time.

Now here is the roundup of millet based dishes that I posted all through April.


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11 thoughts on “Explore The Flavors- Millet Recipes Roundup”

  1. Kudos to you for taking up such an interesting theme. All of us are trying to incorporate millets in every day meals and you have definitely made it easier with your posts for the marathon. I’ve so many of your recipes bookmarked and I hope to make them very soon.

  2. Awesome series with millets! I have bookmarked this page and plan to try out all these dishes. Way to go!!!

  3. Now this post is bookmarked ! It has to be , I actually feel that I am not aware of so many recipes and my knowledge on millets is rather poor . You have a lovely array of millet recipes which are healthy as well . You rock with us and in the shops too – wow PJ !

  4. 26 millet recipes are not quite easy but you nailed them and love those innovative laddos, puris, kheers and what not. Awesome PJ. I hear ya, when we cook multiple dishes on one day, clicking pics becomes very tricky. I am so lazy to change the set up. 😉

  5. PJ this is such a wonderful series you have done. Doing 26 different Millet based dishes is no joke and you have managed to make so many different types as well!..The whole series is worth bookmarking, thank you for the efforts!

  6. Padmajha hats off to you dear for such wonderful millet based recipes. I seriously have no excuse now that I can’t include millet in my daily diet as the recipes offers so much variation right from breakfast to dessert.

  7. Really loved your collection of millet recipes. You have shared unique recipe of millets that i couldn’t even think of. Great share of different millet recipes.

  8. PJ, you should write a book on millets recipes, seriously each recipe is innovative and tasty. Wonderful compilation and beautiful roundup.

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