Milagu Thuvaiyal | Thogayal | Peppercorn Chutney Recipe with step by step pictures

Today the kids have a day off from school. It has been raining heavily since last night and when I woke up this morning to the sounds of heavy rain, I sincerely wished they would declare a holiday today.

The first thing that I did was to switch on the TV to check the news.Sadly, nothing was mentioned about the rains and the schools.

So I started with the regular stuffs to get the kids ready for school. When it was time to go to the bus stop, Kiddo’s friends mom called up to say that a holiday has been declared today and it was on the news.

I was relieved and the kids were over joyed. Even though I had all the things done to send them to school, the fact that the kids could stay dry and warm at home made me happy.

All this led me to a cooking mode and I planned a few things for lunch.I wanted to make a dessert and so a kheer was planned.

There are still 4 of the zucchinis’ that I mentioned in yesterday’s Zucchini curry leaves chutney post .So 2 of those went into the Kootu today.I wanted to make a Chettinadu style potato curry but just as I got ready to make it, I found that there were no potatoes in the basket. So I decided to fry some pappad / chips. There was a packet of dried lotus stem and fried that for the meal.

The usual rasam was prepared and added this Milagu Thuvaiyal | Thogayal | Peppercorn Chutney Recipe for extra flavor.And then there is the mandatory curd.

Milagu Thuvaiyal | Thogayal | Peppercorn Chutney Recipe

This chutney is for Blogging Marathon #89,Week 2, Day 3 and I have chosen Condiments on the side as the theme for this week.

Milagu Thuvaiyal | Thogayal | Peppercorn Chutney Recipe

Here is how to prepare Milagu Thuvaiyal | Thogayal | Peppercorn Chutney Recipe

I used:

Toor Dal- 2 tablespoons
Gram dal-2 tablespoons
Urad dal- 2 tablespoons
Peppercorn- 1 teaspoon
Red chili-,broken
Tamarind- a small bit
Salt to taste
Oil-1 teaspoon

Heat oil in a pan and add the 3 kinds of dal ,peppercorn and red chili.Roast till the dal turns brown.Add tamarind and turn off the heat. Mix well and keep aside till it cools down.Transfer the mixture into a mixie jar.

Milagu Thuvaiyal | Thogayal | Peppercorn Chutney Recipe

Grind to a semi coarse paste adding salt and a little water. Don’t make it too smooth / too watery.

Milagu Thuvaiyal | Thogayal | Peppercorn Chutney Recipe

Serve as a side with steamed rice.

Milagu Thuvaiyal | Thogayal | Peppercorn Chutney Recipe


  • Use sesame oil for the best flavor
  • Adjust the red chilies quantity to suit your taste but the chutney should predominantly taste like peppercorns and not the heat from red chilies.
  • Since we are serving this with rice, it is better to grind it to a coarse paste.
  • If serving with Idli / dosa make a smooth paste and also a little watery.


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13 thoughts on “Milagu Thuvaiyal | Thogayal | Peppercorn Chutney Recipe”

  1. Even if you love school an unexpected day off from school is always welcome. You went on quite a cooking spree. The chutney sounds like a perfect balance to yogurt/rice or idli.

  2. When growing up chutney to us was either green or brown -the khajur one. Its only when I started blogging that I’ve come across such a huge variety of chutneys. Dals and pepper combined to make a chutney is just the kind of recipe I need when I want a chutney in a jiffy. I too use to hate sending my kids to school when it rained a lot, but they loved it.

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